Get Free token WorldBit (WBT) for Bounty Campaign

What is WorldBit?

WorldBit (owned by Valuebit International Ventures Pte. Ltd.) presents a revolutionary new technology that, for the first time, gives everyone — from villager to big city dweller — the opportunity to access the world marketplace in a whole new way. Backed by a Blockchain-driven, Augmented Reality (AR) Application:

+ WorldBit’s immersive AR platform can be used by anyone without paying excessive fees, having to negotiate with centrally controlled distribution hubs or being exposed to risk.
+ WorldBit allows every user to be their own Alibaba, their own leasing company, their own Amazon, their own Etsy, their own wholesaler; a virtual bazaar in which every user maintains control over their goods until a transaction is complete. The WorldBit platform allows anyone to sell or trade any legal commodity or service.

WorldBit Token sale

  • Token: WBT
  • Start: November 23, 2017
  • Total Tokens: 210,000,000 WBT
  • Tokens to sell: 52,500,000 WBT
  • Payment methods: ETH
  • Total Supply: 210,000,000 coins issued. (25% of the 210 million are for sale in the ICO)

Post-ICO, we will be developing a hybrid token along the lines of the IICO Token of Buterin & Teutsch and Bancor’s Smart Token as a regulatory solution to sales and interacting in multiple legal jurisdictions. Once our 210M supply has been saturated with merchandise consignments, it shall be released by the foundation for acquisitions of other companies and token infrastructure. The strategy for growth by WorldBit is acquisition, and we aim to capture 2% of the world’s assets in the WorldBit system.

Get WBT token Free

Have 5,25,000 WorldBit Tokens (WBT) to payout for teaming up with us to influence and invigorate our audiences.

Criterion for Influencers
1. Be at least 18 years old. We will ask you to verify your identity.
2. Join our telegram group.
3. Follow the guidelines listed below. Your work will be verified by our team.
4. Your bounty submissions must be presented on Tuesdays before midnight for consideration.

Payment Process:
1. First, we check your work to insure it meets the guidelines outlined below.
2. Send us your wallet address
3. Campaign closes at the end of the ICO or when the maximum amount is reached
4. Your tokens are transferred to your wallet when the campaign closes.

Our Pre ICO started November 23, 2017 & the ICO began on December 18, 2017. Our campaign will close when the WorldBit ICO has ended on February 20 or when the maximum amount has been reached.

If you have any technical question regarding this project, please ask it in the announcement thread, or email us at

  • Campaign 1 | 75,000 WBT | Translations / Forum Moderation/Local Community Mgmt
  • Campaign 2 | 1,50,000 WBT | Social Media Campaigns
  • Campaign 3 | 1,50,000 WBT | Blogs Posts, Articles, Media posts & YouTube Videos
  • Campaign 4 | 1,50,000 WBT | Signatures

All the forms for participation are available at: WorldBit Bounty Program Forms
We may add more campaigns with additional token allocation as and when required. Bounty reports submission day is every Tuesday.

Campaign 1

Translations and Forum Moderation/Local Community Management 75,000 WBT

If your language is missing on Bitcointalk, you are welcome to contribute your own translation and earn a stake in return.

Languages open for translation:

Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Thai, Danish, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, French, Filipino, Arabic, Croatian, Hungarian, Gujarati, Bengali

Contact us on Bitcointalk for confirmation of your translation. When submitting your translation, you also be invited to join our telegram group, where we will help you answer any questions posed by your local community.

• Translation of ANN thread : 10 Stakes
• Translation of Bounty Thread : 10 Stakes
• Translation of Website : 15 Stakes
• Translation of Whitepaper : 40 Stakes
• Thread Management/Moderation of your local thread : 1–20 Stakes (depending on your activity)
Rules and Terms:
• We will ask you to translate ANN, Bounty thread, Website or Whitepaper.
• We might assign different people to these tasks.
• Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed. If this is the case, the translator will be blacklisted.
• ANN thread translator will be responsible for moderation as well. The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
• Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not acceptable.
• You are expected to finish translation in (for ANN, Bounty, Website- 3 days, for whitepaper — 1 week) after you’ve assigned with the job.
• Do not begin translation until we’ve approved your previous work.
• You are expected to moderate and update your thread with our news and updates to our ANN thread, at least once a week. Thus you should join our telegram group to get the latest updates.
• We reserve the rights to add or amend rules as per the requirement.

APPLY Google FormCheck your status here

Campaign 2

Social Media Campaign

A. Twitter 75,000 WBT

Follow us on Twitter for all our updates. Retweet our news to your groups, friends and followers to receive stakes. Please note that we shall review your account to ensure that majority of followers should be crypto orientated.

● Having 250+ followers : 1 stake/week
● Having 750+ followers : 2 stakes/week
● Having 1,500+ followers : 5 stakes/week
● Having 10,000+ followers: 10 stakes/week

Rules and Terms:
● You must follow our twitter channel for your stakes to count.
● Account must be at least 3 months old.
● You must have at least 250 followers.
● You must have at least 90% of real followers (check here
● Like & Retweet at least 4 times a week.
● Post at least 3 quality self-tweet a week using hashtags #WorldBit #ecommerce #ICO and have a link to Every mention must have @worldbitICO mentioned in the tweet, include the given hashtags and have a link to
● Don’t delete tweets/retweets before the campaign ends.

Not allowed:
● Multiple accounts registrations. Those found using such multi accounts will be disqualified and blacklisted from any and all future campaigns.
● Spam, abuses and insult in any form will not be tolerated and will lead to your termination from the Reward Program without warning and with immediate effect.
APPLY Google FormCheck your status here
B. Facebook 75,000 WBT

We will post all WorldBit ICO updates and co-post every blog post, articles, videos on our Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join in to get your share of our Facebook bounty. You must Like/Follow our Facebook page for your stakes to count. Every week we will randomly check the “sharing” type of the participants. If their share is “private”, “single person” or any other, the participant in question will not receive any bounty rewards. We shall review your Timeline posts to determine your FB bounty stakes.

● 200–500 Followers/Friends : 1 stake per week.
● 500–1500 Followers/Friends : 2 stakes per week.
● 1500–3000 Followers/Friends : 4 stakes per week.
● 3000 Plus Followers/Friends : 6 stakes per week.

Rules and Terms:
● Account must be open as a Public Profile and all Posts shared need to be public as well. The number of friends/followers must be visible.
● Your must have a minimum of 200 friends.
● Your Facebook account must not be fake, dead/inactive or a bot account. Only original Facebook accounts will be accepted.
● Please note that your account must be at least 3 months old. If there is suspicious bot activity on your account you will be banned from the Facebook bounty campaign.
● You must be an active and regular Facebook user, and must be sharing and liking WorldBit’s official posts and updates (if not on your own page then on fb groups).
● You need to make at least 2 constructive posts and 5 replies each week on Facebook. You can Raise/answer questions about WorldBit or Encourage/highlight reasons why people should participate in the WorldBit Token Sale or Write one sentence about a positive feature of WorldBit or something you are looking forward to when using WorldBit.
● You must put visit in the comments.
● To be considered valid, Facebook posts should contain 50 words or more and replies should be 20 words or more to be eligible.
● Posts and replies with less than the valid number of words will not qualify.
● Share posts from the WorldBit Facebook page at least 3 times a week.
● The posts must not be removed from your personal page till the end of the bounty campaign and must be public.
● You must be the owner of the account you use and they must be original.
● Terms and Conditions are subject to change if necessary. WorldBit reserves the right to exercise discretion when determining what is considered qualifying activity.

Not allowed:
● Multiple accounts registrations. Those found using such multi accounts will be disqualified and blacklisted from any and all future campaigns.
● Spam, abuses and insult in any form will not be tolerated and will lead to your termination from the Reward Program without warning and with immediate effect.
APPLY Google FormCheck your status here

Campaign 3

Blogs Posts, Articles, Media posts, Video about WorldBit ICO 150,000 WBT

In order to qualify for a bounty, the blog, article, media posts or video should follow the terms below.

All the content submitted will be divided into the following Three Categories based on quality in order to reward the participants who give their best effort to produce the most effective content:
• Satisfactory = 5 stakes
• Good = 10 stakes
• Outstanding = 20 stakes

Rules and Terms:
• Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian or can be written in any language for blogs with 300+ followers
• Should contain only unique content and should not be simply google translation or any other app translation of existing content
• Should be publicly accessible
• Article should be 400 words or more in length
• Video should be at least 1:00 minute long
• Should contain at least 2 links: one to and another to the white paper

Once you have written your blog post, submit the URL to the given form.
APPLY Google FormCheck your status here

Campaign 4

Signature Campaign 150,000 WBT

Help us spread the word about WorldBit and you will receive a stake every week! All you need to do is add our official signatures to your Bitcointalk profile.
In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register with the form. We will randomly check all our Signature bounty participants once a week, to ensure fair distribution of the stakes.

You can see list of all participants here: Google Form. It’s a list we’re updating regulary.

• Jr. Member — 10 stakes per week
• Members — 15 stakes per week
• Senior / Full Member — 40 stakes per week (20 signature + 20 avatar)
• Legendary / Hero — 60 stakes per week (30 signature + 30 avatar)

Rules and Terms:
• Must make 10 constructive posts per week
• Post must be 60 characters minimum
• No negative trust accounts please
• We will only count 5 max posts in a single local board in a week
• Users should use the same ETH address for the whole campaign. We will only allow one address per person.
APPLY Google FormCheck your status here
This is a great opportunity for you to own WBT. It’s free. Details about the bounty campaign can be found here: WorldBit Bounty Program

Why do we need WorldBit

Worldbit’s augmented reality ecosystem builds intrinsic value out of an untapped economic supply chain.

+ WorldBit broker agreements create immediate liquid capital value with each and every piece of merchandise that is tokenized into WBT tokens.
+ New vendors and new products are brought in rapidly by users, who then immediately expand the vendor and product base.
+ The flexibility of the WorldBit transaction environment enables companies and individuals to rapidly match needs.
+ WorldBit offers a Sales Accelerator for rapid sales of goods using new sales channels.
+ Transactions build a reliability database for buyer and seller written into the blockchain.

The WorldBit Augmented Reality search technology enables all parties to rapidly locate desirable goods, and builds value by expanding a roster of vendors for those who previously had no internet presence.

WorldBit makes it possible, for the first time, to freely walk down a street and add vendor after vendor to an online mall;

Add their products or services to the directory, and permit them to be contacted throughout the internet by any means possible. These same vendors can also consign inventory into the system and immediately receive WBT tokens to transact with. There is no need for a smartphone, bank, advertising agency, or even internet access for these new vendors. Furthermore, any of their products become available throughout the world immediately. And the one that adds the vendor? If it is agreed upon with the vendor, he or she gets a percentage, thereby encouraging the vendor database to populate rapidly.

WorldBit allows the wholesale import of entire industries, factories and real estate to be brought into the system, bolstering value quickly in the coin valuation ledger as merchandise in inventory. There is never a question of what the tokens are minimally worth; it is always there in plain sight in the blockchain. The WorldBit system itself is the transaction fabric, the credit system, and the sales channel. All of the cost of layers upon layers of middlemen and transaction fees are removed and given back to the users.

Token-Driven Ecosystem

The WBT token bootstraps its own transaction ecosystem, starting with sales agents who promote the ICO. In what follows is described three stages of the token-driven ecosystem built around the transaction platform, which can be exchanged for local currency in arbitrary amounts.
Tokens as Incentive for Participation

Early participants receive tokens for their financial contributions towards the project ICO. In a buyout fashion, owners of the other token systems will be offered WBT tokens in exchange for their tokens at a multiplier of their present stake.
Smart Contracts for Activities

Once the WBT blockchain is populated with sufficient users, the further role of the WorldBit system is to facilitate execution of smart contracts among parties in the ecosystem using WBT as the currency as well as the fuel for the network activity. Any two or three parties can create a smart contract describing the activities to be executed. One of the parties may be a group or a chain of transactions, and not simply an individual. Here are a few examples:

A member may find an object in the system which gives a 20% discount from a certain vendor.
A member may lease an object from a vendor over 40 months with a US$1 buyout.
A vendor may rent an object to another vendor for 30 days, paying US$50 per day, after paying a $250 deposit, and a $50 cleaning fee when the product is returned.
A vendor may sell an object through a network marketing company and pay a 40% commission. This 40% may be divided between several groups of commissioned referral agents and stands as the group contract for how sales commissions are paid to this group.
A member may offer an object for lease, and for rental, concurrent with an auction that is running for 231 days, while giving his or herself the right to cancel the auction at no penalty until the very end.
A sales portal can create an open invitation smart contract indicating that the vendor will pay a fixed amount of WBT for visiting his shop, or visiting at a certain date during a presentation.
A user can, in one 30-second session, drop 5000 objects on the ground around an event, which might be free or discounted items for sale at a nearby location.
143 free samples can be dropped at a GPS location that, when used, obligate the vendor to send a sample to the bearer. The coupon is removed from the system upon entering a valid DHL tracking number from the customer who receives the sample merchandise.
A cryptocurrency address can be written on an object and left at a location on the GPS map. It may have tokens that can be redeemed in some cryptocurrency by the one that first picks it up.

This is simply a sample of the types of relationships and formats that can be spontaneously generated by the WorldBit system.

Alternate Financial Environment

The unique nature of the WorldBit financial ecosystem introduces many new roles beyond those of the standard buyer and seller. Entities can create and set custom parameters within the WorldBit Explorer, extending the market to include merchandise and modalities unavailable in the traditional sense of an internet sales portal. The ecosystem explicitly supports contracting and bidding processes, and through the use of the WorldBit API, any developer or organization can extend the environment on their own to upgrade or to complement their existing business structure.


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