DECOIN is a revenue sharing trading & exchange platform

DECOIN is an egalitarian community that values transparency and equality and the sharing of our success with each one of our coin holders.

Our uniqueness is that we share our revenue with our users.

Lead by an experienced team of Fintech experts, financial professionals and experienced traders, DECOIN is developing an advanced trading & exchange platform, for beginners as well as experts. Beginners will benefit from its ease of use and experts can take advantage of its advanced features.

We are also issuing our own cryptocurrency called DECOIN (DTEP). DTEP is powered by an independent blockchain which incorporates Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Our coin holders are eligible to receive a portion of the trading fees generated by our exchange.


DECOIN is a regulated exchange, having applied for licenses both in Singapore and the European Union. We are working with our advisors on a daily basis in understanding the legal environment and making sure we are complying with all the relevant regulations and are acting in a secure and transparent way.


Name: DTEP
Platform: Algo
Type: Coin
Price in ICO: 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
BONUS Sale: 50%
Tokens for sale: 42,000,000
Accepting: ETH, BTC, fiat
Distributed in ICO: 60%
Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD



DECOIN Blockchain Specifications

  • DECOIN is a proof of stake (PoS) coin based on X11 hashing algorithm with 60 seconds Block-Time. Due to shorter block time, transactions get confirmed faster
  • Stake age of the DECOIN Blockchain is 1 hour – 60 minutes for the coins to mature in the wallet and produce passive income
  • Each wallet serves as a node and receives a proof-of-stake reward
  • Currently, the speed of the DECOIN Blockchain is 32 TPS, while Ether has 16 TPS. The DECOIN’s engineering team aim to increase the transaction speed significantly
  • DECOIN was built keeping transaction speed and security in mind. In order to accommodate millions of trade per seconds, DECOIN has built its own independent Blockchain.
  • The consensus we choose for the DECOIN Blockchain is proof of stake. In order to minimise resource consumption and make it less vulnerable to 51% attack.
  • DECOIN’s Blockchain randomly selects validators for block creation. The more weight in the wallet, the better your chances to get the PoS reward. This provides better decentralization than proof of work because large miners can’t control the network. It is far easier for a PoS user to pledge his coins and leave his wallet open.

DTEP Specifications

  • Advanced security standards, exceeding anything currently available in the marketplace.
  • Easy interface, clear and simple for both advanced traders and newbies
  • Optimization technology algorithms allowing internal trades to be completed in milliseconds
  • Cloud cluster for physically hosting in multi-regions to prevent the possibility of downtime
  • Open API – allows for rapid development by frontend team, traders, affiliates and 3rd parties
  • Multi-currency wallet support – easy integration capabilities with new currencies and exchanges
  • Multi regulation and legislation support – fully GDPR compliant
  • Multi Language support


DECOIN offers improved accessibility to coin holders by offering the DECOIN credit card program, giving our users easy access to their crypto investments. Our platform provides facilitating the required trades, conversion and reconciliation of their crypto investments into FIAT money that will then be transferred to their assigned DECOIN credit card. We believe that easy accessibility and ease of use will be key to succeeding in the crypto world.


DECOIN’s research analysts will be scouting the crypto market regularly to study various blockchain projects in order to handpick attractive and financially promising investment opportunities for our users periodically select up to 8 promising crypto companies.
As we move forward, additional indices will be created, in different sectors, to meet our users’ growing needs (Biotech, Cyber, Security, etc.).
Companies chosen to participate in the index will be swapping their own coins for DECOINs – hence, they will be mutually invested and interested in the index and DECOIN’s success.


Crypto is generating tremendous interest and people want to get involved and take part, but the reality is that most still do not the know how to get involved or are afraid of this new and seemingly complicated technology.
At DECOIN, we work differently. We encourage you to call us as soon as you have a problem and get assistance. In addition to the standard chat, messaging applications and email support most Crypto companies provide, DECOIN has live 24X7 multilingual call centers worldwide with experienced professionals standing by the telephones to directly answer your questions and assist.
We dedicate more time to our users than our competitors. Our average user call time is around 55 minutes (unlike other companies who have an average call time of 15 minutes).
No waiting, No Chats, No emails to wait for.



Road Map


  • 18 Boon Lay way #05-95
  • TRADEHUB 21 Singapore 609966
  • City of Sofia 1680.
  • Krasno selo district, 59 Solun Str., r.c.
  • Bulgaria. entry G, 3rd floor, apt.8.
  • Support Email:
  • Support Phone: +442038085312

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