GOeureka build a hotel reservation platform uses blockchain technology

What is GOeureka?

GOeureka is a travel tech company utilising blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking sector and deliver greater transparency by allowing hotels to directly connect with their customers. As a technology partner to hotels, GO aims to provide a dynamic digital experience to users and eradicate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agents. By reducing the financial commitments of hotels to third-party booking platforms, GO’s vision is to enable hotels to focus more resources on providing better intrinsic value and services to travellers around the globe.

GOeureka is looking to disrupt the current Online Travel Agency's (OTA) dominance. OTAs currently manage 70% of online bookings, impacting hotel direct bookings and profit margins. OTAs typically serve unfavorable terms to hotels, with rate parity clauses and high commission rates. As the hotel's technology partner, GOeureka seeks to maintain the hotel's brand and their direct communication to customers.

Users of GOeureka are able to book hotel rooms for a range of different countries around the world as we have opened up access to 200,000 properties worldwide.

GOeureka goals.

"GOeureka aims to create a new symbiosis in which hotels retain control of their brand and, at the same time, release unprecedented value for consumers on their platform," said Manej Rai, CEO of GOeureka. "Goeurekas' vision for the future of the travel industry is an online ecosystem of support in which all businesses have the opportunity to thrive and benefit from providing the best goods and services to travelers."
As a technology partner of hotels, GOeureka aims to provide users with a seamless web and application experience without the high commission structures imposed by current OTAs.

Vision of GOeureka

GOeureka launched a patent, which is awaiting the reordering of the client to achieve the best possible value for the space. If the price of the hotel falls, the new booking feature will automatically recognize and re-book the existing lower rate reservation, "Rai added.
As a technology partner of hotels, GOeureka aims to provide a seamless web experience and seamless applications without the high commission structure currently used by OTA.
"We provide an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers to connect directly and eliminate unfair commissions in OTA, which in turn reduces hotel margins and increases consumer prices," Rai said. This unprecedented benefit is passed on to customers.


"GOEUREKA is launching the Re-Booking feature, which is waiting for patents for customers to achieve the best possible value for the space. As hotel prices drop, the re-booking feature will automatically detect existing orders at a lower rate and rank new, "Rai added.
GOeureka also proposed an interoperable loyalty program that would benefit hotels and customers by promoting their own hotel loyalty program with the option to change hotel loyalty points to GO Credit that can be used on the GOeureka platform.
"For consumers who have subscribed to multiple loyalty programs, GOeureka's corporate loyalty program solution can facilitate instant exchanges and exchanges for multiple loyalty points on a single platform," said Rai. "Blockchain acts as an eternal and secure directory of all transactions related to the issuance of GO credits, creating a transparent and verifiable inventory of loyalty points without the need for intermediaries."
GOeureka will launch the first alpha version of their hotel booking platform on September 10th.
"We will be doing live test jobs on the platform over the next few weeks and have the MVP Order Platform feature ready on September 10," Rai said.

Token Details

GO Tokens are ERC20- standard tokens that will be used to facilitate quicker and cheaper transactions on the GOeureka platform.

The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services and unlocking a range of other benefits and travel rewards.
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Token Ticker: GOT
  • Tokens for sale: 600 million tokens. All unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • Token price: $0.10
  • Bonus Distribution: Private sale - 30% | Pre-ICO Phase 1 - 15% | Pre-ICO Phase 2 - 12.5% | ICO Month 1 - 10% | ICO Month 2 - 5%
  • Hard Cap: USD$60 million
  • We Accept: ETH, BTC, USD
  • Restricted Countries: USA, China

GO Tokens will be used for the purchase of products and services on the GOeureka platform. GO Token users will enjoy discounted rates, rewards and other value-added benefits. The whitepaper details the GO Token economy and its uses.

You will receive GO Tokens once the audit of the ICO results is complete. You may sell GO Tokens on exchanges in the near future or spend them on our platform with better value and greater benefits.

Token Distribution

Tokens Generated


Links for more Information

Website: https://goeureka.io/
Whitepaper: https://goeureka.io/#download
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3382526.0;all
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goeurekatravel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoEurekaTravel/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27176560/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GOeureka/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goeurekatravel/
Telegram: https://t.me/goeureka

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