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The main goal of the Facite investment project is to develop the financial and economic environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology.

The Facite Foundation built and operates a mining center in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan based on geographical conditions, government policies, and electricity schemes for the mining industry. The mining center can accommodate up to 2 million mining machines with a size of 180 hectares (ha) and can be expected to produce stable and consistent revenue generation based on cheap electricity.

Some of the revenues from the mining center are shared with Facite token holders and the profits from the Facite Foundation’s projects in Kazakhstan are also allocated to the community.

Facite Foundation’s Business Model and Dividends

The Facite Foundation also operates Kazakh bus cards and solar power plants. The solar power plant will be built in Almaty, one of the three major cities of Kazakhstan. The Facite Foundation will receive and provide a portion of the profits generated in these two projects to Facite token holders.
Facite Token Holder Dividends

Holders of Facite tokens will receive dividends of the profits earned from the Pavlodar Facite mining center, the Shimkent City bus card project, and solar power plant project. The profits allocated to holders can be checked in detail through the Facite Foundation’s dividend chart.
Facite Foundation Project Dividend Table

Bus Card

Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world by size, is promoting the "Kazakhstan Business Roadmap 2020" for economic revitalization. The most important aspect of this project is the transportation sector. Kazakhstan has set up a plan to carry out national business projects for the adoption of bus cards. The Facite Foundation acquired INNOB CO., Ltd., which had been carrying out a bus card project with the City of Shimkent, Kazakhstan, and now has 60% of the share of the bus card business in Kazakhstan.

Photovoltaic Power Plant

Kazakh President Nazarbayev declared that by 2030, 30% of Kazakhstan's total electrical capacity will be converted into renewable energy, and the government revised a law to support subsidies against currency volatility and inflation applicable only for "foreign corporations investing in renewable energy" (January 1, 2018 President Nazarbayev 's Inaugural Address - executed in May 2018.) The Facite Foundation acquired KHAN 21 HOLDING, a holding company that owns a photovoltaic power plant on a 100 ha (330,000 pyeong) business site with a 60MW capacity in the area near Lake Kapchgay in Almaty.

Differential of others

The FACITE with Block Chain Business Model, blockchain In Kazakhstan will be Promoting the renewable energy business of the government of Kazakhstan, since since Khan 21 HOLDING has entered the field of solar energy, with the Purchase of a commercial license and to be Selected as an investment company, the city of Talgar with its grandediferençial, a solar power station and a project area of ​​a hydroelectric plant, with the first gate of passage of Korea in Kazakhstan for the final report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, we can deduce that FACITE is in a position where the leaders are in full acceptance of this new market of opportunities and their solutions, with the Transportation Payment Card License acquired from INNOB CO., Ltd, Introduction and operation of a public transport, Is planned to introduce the payment system U, Data center Ideal environment, low-cost electricity Data center d and electrical equipment with the support of the city About 2 million mining machines are available, lease contract of 49 years, seeking a better in the mining market with abudante sustainable energy the FACITE has one step ahead but in front of all because with several innovations to be exploited would also guarantee a sustainable return

Token Detail

Simbol: FIT
Token: ETC-20
Private-sale + Bonus 10% ( 700,000,000 FIT ) + Airdrop ( 300,000,000 FIT )
Pre-sales + Bonus 5% ( 1,000,000,000 FIT )

The Team


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