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A place to buy, exchange and trade blockchain-based tokens and a wide range of digital assets in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since 2006 when we first joined the Forex market, we have been researching and developing a number of Forex automated trading systems. In 2009, we deployed a real-time data application system to handle penny auction transactions and system order matching, and eventually to operate the trading platform for our foreign partners.

Customers Come First
Bcnex will continue to mature and improve to give its users the best trading experience possible. That is the core principle of our business philosophy.

Why Choose Bcnex?

  • Safety and Stability: Bcnex is a highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements
  • Customer Oriented: Users will be provided with a user-friendly, proprietary platform that gives them the best trading experiences, both in our desktop and mobile App
  • Institutional-grade Trading Engine: The fast, accurate and low latency trading engine with flexible scalability can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second
  • High Liquidity: With a rich and abundant source of liquidity, Bcnex ensures that every transaction on the system is executed without delays and multiple intermediaries.
  • Diverse Market: In addition to supporting a wide range of mainstream cryptocurrencies, we constantly expand our offering with other quality tokens
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support: Our team works around the clock to answer any questions you may have, resolving technical and business issues promptly

Bcnex Exchange

Bcnex exchange is a stock exchange that can be used both on mobile phones and through Internet Browser. Thanks to this stock market, you can evaluate your digital assets quickly and reliably. The mobile and internet interface of the stock market aims to be one of the fastest interfaces ever. In this way, users will never miss an opportunity and will be able to trade quickly with ease.

The technical infrastructure of the stock market is designed in a robust way so that it can accurately perform millions of exchanges per second. It has only Bcnex in existing stock markets with such a strong feature and that is what makes it special. You can use Google Authenticator and SMS methods to improve your security when using the stock market. In addition to this, you can maximize your security with the KYC method.

Bcnex Wallet

Bcnex has a reliable wallet in itself. In this wallet, you can store a lot of major coins and trade them. Bcnex has 3 different wallet types: hot wallet, cold wallet and secure hardware. With these 3 different options, you can protect your digital assets from internet privates. Besides, you can protect your wallet with 2FA system and limit your transactions. This way you can secure your wallet 100%.

This wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Bncx. In addition, if you use Bncx(Bcnex coin) in this wallet, you pay a commission of 75%. The major coins I mentioned above are on the system, but Bcnex works to add more coins and adapt them to the system. This wallet also supports Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean.

And also supports following softwares:

Token Details

Bcnex operates with a native token named BCNX. There will be exactly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued, and the quantity will never increase. BCNX is an ERC223 standard token released on the Ethereum blockchain.
  1. Token Usage: BCNX is used to trade, buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on Bcnex, and can also be used to pay transaction fees and receive incentives of up to 75%.
  2. ERC223 Standard: BCNX is developed in accordance with the ERC223 standard to improve security, minimize token loss and bring more practical benefits to users in the Bcnex ecosystem.
  3. Bcnex Coin Burn: Limiting the total supply of BCNX by burning tokens is the basis of Bcnex’s business model. This will help BCNX's value overtake other tokens on the crypto trading market.
Token name: BCNX
Token type: ERC223
Token price: $0.15-$0.45
Total supply: 200,000,000
Soft cap: $2,000,000
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Minimum investment: $100
Minimum investment (angel investors): $5000
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT
Country: Belize
Whitelist: No
KYC: Yes



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