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Crypto Market Ads (CMA), located at, is a new marketplace which solves all problems related to crypto advertising and marketing by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers under a single platform. Due to free market conditions, publishers will have a healthy competition which will inuence them to keep prices as low and competitive as possible to attract advertisers. Publishers will also get higher demands from advertisers since they are more affordable and quickly available through the CMA marketplace for new advertising or marketing campaigns.

Advertisers can signicantly reduce advertising and marketing costs by utilizing the CMA marketplace. They will be able to launch big advertising and marketing campaigns towards the entire crypto community and secure themselves against scam or fraud. They can also use the built-in chat system to directly negotiate with CMA publishers and get unique terms and prices.

The CMA marketplace offers the following property and service types:
  • Forum signatures
  • Social channels
  • Websites & ICO listings
  • Email newsletters
  • Marketing services
  • Blockchain services
  • Advisers! 
After reaching the first ICO target, there will be additional services users will be able to sell:
  • Content production
  • Design


CMA envisions the transformation of marketplaces around the world by starting with a crypto market advertising, marketing and related services marketplace. CMA will create an easy entry point into the crypto market for any existing or new online/ofine marketplace as a new crypto project. This will increase the overall adoption of the blockchain technology for marketplaces and other businesses.


Our mission with CMA is to create a secure, fast and easy-to-use blockchain for goods and services through decentralized applications (dApps) to let any marketplace execute their ICO or crypto project on blockchain smoothly. This will allow sellers to syndicate their data to a network of marketplaces. It will also give people the power of new decentralized marketplaces, and independence from existing authorities by using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.


The current Crypto Market Ads marketplace ecosystem consists of Publishers, Advertisers and Exchanges.

  • Publishers: Publishers are the sellers of ads, marketing and other related services
  • Advertisers: Advertisers are companies or individuals who buy ads, marketing and other related services
  • Exchanges: Exchanges are needed for liquidity – they will allow publishers to sell earned CMA tokens or buy for self-promotion and advertisers to buy for use on CMA marketplace.

Based on high market demands for crypto advertising and marketing, big exchanges are required who will sustain high volumes of buy orders. Furthermore, they will allow publishers to convert CMA tokens into other cryptocurrencies if needed.

The CMA marketplace plays a part in the ecosystem and earns up to 10% in fees from publisher earnings. Early publishers have a chance to decrease fees to zero for 1 year or a lifetime if at least 3+ ETH (Ethereum) in contributions are made while CMA is in pre-ICO and ICO stage. Also, after the ICO, it will be possible to decrease fee to 5% using the CMA token lock-up function. It is important to note here that upon reaching an ICO hard cap, the CMA ecosystem can evolve to integrate new blockchain for marketplaces, decentralized marketplace builder and ICO platform for marketplaces.

ICO platform for Marketplaces

If the CMA ICO hard cap is reached, an ICO platform for marketplaces will be built alongside the marketplace builder. It will allow users to create an ICO for their newly established marketplaces and raise funds for further development and marketing. Users will use the Crypto Market Ads marketplace for advertising, marketing and other services.

The ICO platform will have everything needed for fast ICO creation and execution. It will allow the issuing of tokens on the blockchain for sellers (goods and services) and marketplaces. The CMA marketplace will be used for ICO marketing, connecting all decentralized apps to a unied ecosystem through the blockchain’s main coin.

Token name: Crypto Market Ads
Token: CMA
Type: Utility
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Hard cap: 5 Billion tokens
Price in preICO: 1 CMA = 0.005 USD
IEO launchpad: IDAX Launchpad
Price in ICO: 0.0100 USD
Country: Latvia
Whitelist/KYC: None
Restricted areas: USA
preICO start: 20th Apr 2019
preICO end: 5th Jun 2019
ICO start: 17th Jun 2019
ICO end: 19th Jun 2019

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