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Eternalinc Platform - The Eternalcoin Decentralized Network

The release of the token is based on the Ethereum platform and meets all modern standards. Based on this platform, our token will be available for sale on various crypto-currency exchanges and also within the Eternal Inc gaming eco-system. It Is easy to integrate into the third-party services, thanks to the new standard.

Eternal Inc supports and enables complete freedom and privacy for its users. We believe in the Blockchain technology and its feature of decentralization as a crucial tool for technological enhancement

Eternal Inc is oering freedom and privacy to its users. We also oer a transparent, trustworthy and just platform, which will be highly benecial to anyone in any part of the world. The Blockchain has made this possible through its element of decentralization. And we strongly believe that this is the way forward for every online gamer and for everyone in general just as we hope for a world, in which everything will be decentralized.


Eternal Inc’s rst game is called Eternal Wars. The brainchild of Saul Syed, an avid gamer himself, Eternal Wars is based on the popular Japanese Gacha theme. The original idea for the game was created in 2012.

Eternal Wars is a fully-functional cross platform card game, which was released on March 2017 with currently over 10000 downloads both on iOS and Android. Eternal Wars is a trading card game (TCG) in a mythical fantasy universe that features online live multiplayer faction battles (PvP). This multiplayer TCG game will allow you to manage and create your deck, battle with your deck, play games online, participate in Arena PvP and much more.

The game is a free-to-play game, however, players can buy cards via in-app purchases. Players can freely trade cards they own within the game via our trade market. But due to the nature of games, players do not own their cards. This is what Eternal Inc hopes to solve by introducing the EIS. This token will allow users to mint their cards in exchange for EIS, which will hold real world value to them.

75,000,000 EIS will be circulated within the Eternal Wars game. Players will also be encouraged to buy and sell tokens from the exchange where our token are listed. We will be looking to introduce special cards which can only be purchased with EIS. These special cards will be limited in number, which in turn will increase their value over time. An example of this would be something similar to Cryptokitties. A web-based game where several of their ‘Kitties’ have been valued in the thousands of dollars, due to their scarcity

Target groups of services

With Investors:
Eternal Inc is created to uphold the innovation and development of the gaming industry with Blockchain technology. We would appreciate the support from any investor.

With Gamers:
We are providing gamers a form of authority over assets. We are also creating more games in the future to cover all aspects of game types. From rst-person shooters (Fortnite, PUBG) to Role-playing games (Final Fantasy, Summoners war). Our second game, World of Iselia, is currently in its development stage. We will be looking at cross networking Eternal Wars and World of Iselia to create one unique and unprecedented world. Where players can own assets, trade between both games and build a huge worldwide community. During our IEO there is a major update coming to all players of Eternal Wars. This will include new gameplay mechanics and events.

With Traders:
Traders will be able to buy and sell tokens 24/7 on various exchanges. We will create a huge new base of traders via our games. This will increase liquidity for our token as our players will be looking to buy as well as sell tokens on a daily basis.

Token Sale

  • Name: EIS Token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: EIS
  • Total Issue: 300,000,000 EIS
  • Hard Cap: $4,875,000
  • Conversion Rate: $0.025 per EIS
  • Start: May 10, 2018 (10:00 AM GMT)
  • Number of tokens for sale: 9,789,000 EIS
  • End: May 16, 2018 (11:00 AM GMT)
  • Min. transaction amount: 1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Max. transaction amount: N/A
  • Exchange rate of tokens: 1 ETH = 500 EIS
  • Max. amount collected: 21,000 ETH

The Team


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