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In the age of noisy social networking, is making business connections hard? Yes, one can make any number of connections through various social media platforms, attending events, etc., But how deep and long-lasting are they? How many connections in your network is mutually beneficial and help grow the business?

Slothee is a revolutionary social networking platform that lets entrepreneurs and business executives to build meaningful connections to help them grow their business. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Slothee addresses the major concern of data security and privacy any social media user is worried about.

With Blockchain technology catching the interest of the internet, let’s explore how this groundbreaking technology could take social media networking by storm.


With different players collecting more and more data on the users and using big data to their advantage, it will become imperative that users will look for safer avenues. Blockchain is the way forward and in a way is truly  a democratic tool that would decentralize the power and control over the data.

We are still in the early days of using blockchain in real world applications to prove the tangible benefits of the technology. With both startups and corporations showing interest in this growing technology, it is only a matter of time until blockchain technology takes over the world.
Slothee have created a business networking app, Slothee. The app is currently in its MVP level is now live for download on Play Store. With our commitment to data privacy we are progressing to upgrade our app into a DApp based on Whisper protocol. Slothee is set to position itself as pioneers in the use of blockchain technology in the social media industry.


Why Choose Ethereum

Slothee is utilized on the Ethereum the platform using ERC-20 technology which is public, easy-to- use, and one of the biggest and widespread blockchain platforms in the world. Ethereum has the most widespread use of utility tokens.

Whether it is stock exchanges or transactions between two dynamics, all operations are held much faster than the existing banking system by the blockchain technology.

Ethereum is a decentralized network of computers with two basic functions. These functions include a blockchain that can record transactions and a virtual machine that can produce smart contracts. Thanks to these two functions, Ethereum is able to support decentralized applications (DApps). These DApps are built on the existing Ethereum blockchain, piggybacking off of its underlying technology. In return, Ethereum charges developers for the computing power in their network, which can only be paid in Ether, the only inter-platform currency.

Depending on its purpose, DAPPs might create ERC-20 tokens to function as a currency, a share in the company, for points in the loyalty program, or even proof of ownership, say, of an amount of gold or the deed to a house.


"Slothee will run the world's first IEO that provides a quarterly Buyback & Burn program to increase the valuation of SLO tokens."

The SLO Token is an Ethereum based token under the ERC20 standard. The premise of the digital token SLO is to be the “exclusive membership” and utility based token designed to fuel the activities of the Slothee ecosystem, applications, and its network.

The total token supply for SLO will be 400,000,000. A total of 280,000,000 tokens (70% of the Total token supply) shall be offered in the upcoming public sale. Any unsold tokens shall be burned.
Public sale Tokens will be distributed within 15 days after the token sale ends.

Token Details

Platform Name: Slothee
Ticker: SLO
Type: ERC20
Total tokens: 400.000.000 SLO
Decimals: 18
Date: 15 May 2019 - 28 June 2019
IEO's Token Supply: 280.000.000 SLO
Price: $0.08
Hard Cap: $19.000.000
Token sale: May 15 - June 28 = 20% bonus

Token distribution

Public Sale: 70%
Advisors - 10%
Team - 10%
Bounty & Airdrop: 5%
Reward Pool: 5%

Budget Allocation

37% Customer Acquisition
30% Integration Acquisition
25% Product development
8% Operations

The team


Plan 2019 
  • BLOCKCHAIN Q1: Worked on the data bottleneck and decided to solve it through the power of blockchain.
  • TOKEN SALE Q2: Going for 15 days Pre-sale during May 2019 and 45 days Crowdsale after that.
  • MARKET FIT Q3: Develop a product that can be market fit. Product to adopt Whisper v6 or higher version and become a DApp. Identify, Target and Acquire users from "Beachhead" market segment.
  • BEACHHEAD Q4: Foreseeing the business networking professionals in the West Coast as the Beachhead segment.
Plan 2020
  • 100,000 Q1: Achieving a respectful mass through active user acquisition strategies of Event partnerships and Online campaigns
  • FIRST REVENUE Q2: First revenue from "Business Premium" account activation expected during the second quarter.
  • 1,000,000 Q3: Frugally use the Token proceeds to increase customer acquisition and hit a significant mass within the third quarter.
  • M&A DEAL Q4: All set for shopping synergistic heavy ventures that will increase Slothee's revenue, profitability and valuation.

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