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About Canlead 

Canlead Ltd (reg no. 10524761) headquartered in London, UK that operates an online recruitment and property advertising marketplace which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to post business opportunities such as a job or service and make referrals to earn extra income. Canlead aims to be a decentralised opportunity sharing platform that creates trust between parties in the global economy.

Recommendations, referrals and word of mouth have been the norm in how people refer other people to unique opportunities since the beginning of their existence. Today, technology advancement has reached a juncture where an opportunity could be tokenized, shared, referred and earned in a decentralised network. With this realisation, Canlead aims to incentivise people to share and earn from any opportunity they may find on-chain.

What Is CAND Token

Canlead is introducing the CAND Token to the OPPORTUNITY SHARING ECONOMY, helping you refer people to opportunities and rewarding successful referrals. Furthermore, the CAND token is a utility token even though people earn tokens by performing certain tasks in the network or they can buy tokens to get access to the Opportunity they want from the Platform – people are not buying tokens with the expectation of profit then they are contributing with the expectation of getting the Opportunity.

Why The Blockchain

  • The blockchain technology offers several real-world benefits and advantages.
  • The token connects opportunities with users and rewards successful referrals. Furthermore, the token unlocks all product features and services.
  • A decentralised and distributed ledger provides users with a safe and secure system, giving them the confidence that no business can change the system of records.
  • A consensus mechanism removes any centralised controlling body to enable network participants to validate transactions, proof of opportunity and referral, and add clarity for both the business and user.
The use cases show that when Candidates are seeking new job opportunities they may also seek other value-add services such as property rental, accounting and training on the same platform. Canlead will eventually provide an opportunity and referral marketplace encompassing multiple products and services.

Hosting Use Case

Referral is the secret to great hiring and selling: Find and work with talented freelance leaders. Let your leaders help you grow your network of valuable leads and candidates.

Save time, effort and money: Streamline your referral processes with Canlead technology to save time and effort. Take control of your processes and hire quality candidates faster.

Ratings and reviews: Rate your leaders, candidates and provide feedback about your experience. Your input helps us make every transaction a 5-star experience.

Referring Use Case

Make money on your terms: You can refer and make as much as you want, and the more you refer, the more you could make. Plus, your referral fees get deposited in to your pay-in account.

Set your own pace: You can refer on the Canlead app anytime and anywhere. There’s no office and no boss - you are in charge. You've got complete flexibility to work around your life.

Let the app lead the way: Discover unique opportunities then tap to refer your friends or quality candidates. Don’t wait to start making money - sign up today and you'll be referring in no time.

Seeking Use Case

Tap a button, get a referral: We use your professional skills and location to suggest relevant opportunities and leaders.

No unwanted messages or requests: Get notified of unique referral opportunities from your leaders and when there is a match. Request for a referral opportunity whenever you're ready and on your terms.

From online to offline: Get in touch with your leaders anytime, pick a time to meet and open up a new world of referral opportunities.

Recruitment Agency Use Case

Referral Job Board: Reach your network of referrers and talents via the Canlead referral board and platform.

Referral Marketplace: A marketplace where referrers connect talents to opportunities they find online. Make more referrals to earn more money.

3rd Party Tool Integration: Integrate with 3rd party tools such as Broadbean. Contact the support team and request for new integrations.

Real Estate Agency Use Case

Referral Portal: Reach your network of referrers and clients via the Canlead referral board and platform.

Referral Marketplace: A marketplace where referrers connect clients to opportunities they find online. Make more referrals to earn more money.

3rd Party Tool Integration: Integrate with 3rd party tools such as Propertybase. Contact the support team and request for new integrations.

Freelancer Use Case

A vast amount of opportunities exist in today’s knowledge economy, most of which are un-touched, under utilised and wasted as there is limited technology available to monetise them.
The lost opportunity represents 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of dollars to businesses, individuals and billions of dollars to the global market.
Canlead offers a platform that combines three major capabilities; Opportunity, Referral and Networking. Now anyone can sign up and use the ‘opportunity & referral’ mobile app to post opportunities, make referrals and collect rewards.

Canlead Token

Token Name: CAND
Token Type: Utility
Token Price: $0.0333 USD
Token Issued: 1,000,000,000
Token For Sale: 600,000,000
Blockchain: Ethereum
Protocol: ERC20
Currency Accept: ETH
Hard Cap Limit: 20,000,000 USD
Bonus: Available



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