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About Orionix

We live in a time of digital transformation. The latest Global Game Market Report estimates that 2.3 billion players in the world will spend nearly $ 140 billion on games. Every year, there is an average increase of 15% in sales.

At present, most players find themselves unable to exchange their games, accounts and items in a completely safe manner. Fraud reports are rampant on the internet and it seems difficult to trade what is the right of every gamer, the time and money they invest. The revolution in the game has just begun when the emergence of new technology emerged.

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will provide a wave of consumers who continue to grow. We see this as a big challenge for years to come, because little effort has been made to offer gamers the possibility to exchange their virtual acquisitions. You can do more with us. Our project aims to connect your gaming world together into one value one Token for your valuables. Hopefully it's MOBA, MMORPG, FPS, RTS, we will do our best to stay at the forefront of trading solutions for your favorite titles.

One of our long-term goals is to offer a safe environment for Real-Money Trading (RMT). What is the value of the RMT that is really valuable? Billions. These are figures provided by the World Bank in 2011. The bank analyzed the virtual world economy and determined that in 2009, more than 3 billion dollars were paid for RMT services provided by countries with lower wages. Billions of dollars are spent by players to progress characters in their favorite games. Our hope is to ensure fair trade between players who will cover the security needed for the transaction. We are aware of current requests.

and the lack of adequate offers in this domain. Millions of players are affected by this problem and our project is targeted at resolving the difficulties faced by the gaming community. We realize that the road will be paved with many obstacles and our team has been in touch with the main actors in the video-game industry to deal with and overcome these obstacles. The Orionix team is dedicated to meeting player needs and meeting demand in this unexplored market.


  • The  priority of our future team is the creation of platforms available on Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and Mobile (iOS and Android). This platform will allow the use of ORX tokens as trademarks for virtual products (game items, game & service exchanges).
  • Our goal is to find key partners in the gaming industry to provide an official exchange platform for virtual products based on strict agreements with these partners. We strongly believe that this is a long-term interest of market participants, such as AAA companies, indie developers & editors to expand the accessibility and selling power of virtual products. These virtual products generally require time and effort to acquire and we believe by recognizing the value and nature of ownership, those products will create new value in the blockchain.
  • This fact will increase resale rights to users as a necessary step towards expanding virtual trade. This belief in the continued trading of virtual products is a driving factor in the dedication of our team to our project.
  • The Orionix platform wants to form strong bonds with independent developers and enable them to interact directly with contributors. They will also have access to a special referral system from which they can obtain additional tokens from the entire platform referral system to help their success and development.
  • The emergence of blockchain technology has enabled the creation of the next generation digital distribution platform and our team is diligently working to implement this game-changing revolution to meet the growing demand for user databases.

Pioneer of Orionix Gaming

  • Real Virtual Value: Expand beyond imagination the reach of your virtual world. A new trading solution for gamers and traders.
  • Project Scalability: First-class collaboration with major video-game companies. Constant evolution in the availability of decentralized goods. More items for unlimited profit potential.
  • Multipurpose Gaming Application: Buy, sell, and exchange time that is well spent. Online game accounts and services are yours for legitimate profits. ORX will make it happen.
  • Exchange of Integration: Immediately trade ORX tokens on popular exchanges. Take advantage of your investment with the growth of our regular partnerships and major updates in our technology
  • Safe Environment: Your security is our main concern. 100% guaranteed transaction. wallet to increase security.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: A completely free platform. Printing tokens for operational costs and new marketing strategies.

Token Details

Token: ORX
Currency Received: ETH, BTC
Crowdsale: 1 August 2019 UTC 00:00 - 1 November 2019 UTC 00:00 or up to the maximum limit reached. The basic rate is 1 ETH = 2941 tokens
Initial value: 1 ORX = 0.1 $
Amount of Transaction Tokens: ORX transactions without a maximum number of restrictions
ORX transactions with a minimum amount: 0.1 ETH.
Total Supply: 600M ORX
420M ORX: (70%) Sales Tokens
90M ORX: Marketing
60M ORX: (10%) Team (Now & Future)
18M ORX: Advisor
12M ORX: ORX Community
600,000,000 ORX token limits. No additional tokens will be created.
Total crowdsale supply = 70% of tokens
420 Million ORX will be distributed among crowdsale contributors


Q4 2018

  • Project Planning & Market
  • Research
  • Tie with a Technical Expert
  • Learn about Crypto infrastructure
  • Currency & Blockchain
Q1 2019
  • Team Formation
  • Develop Initialization
  • E-commerce planning
  • Making a Bonus Program
Q2 2019
  • Airdrop & Bounties
  • Marketing & Promotion Phase 2
  • Prospecting for Partners
  • Orionix sales
  • Trust Wallet integration
  • Prospect Exchange
  • Orionix Distribution
Q3 2019
  • Prospecting for Partners
  • Whitepaper V2
  • Windows / Mac / Linux wallet
  • Exchange listings
  • Nano Ledger Integration
  • Security Integration
Q4 2019
  • Southeast Asian expansion
  • Develop Orionix Users
  • Ecosystem
  • Mobile application
  • Launch of Beta Web Platform
  • Launch of the Official Platform
  • Prospective Partners
  • Orionix Foundation

For more information, follow the link below:

Website: https://orionix.io
Whitepage: https://orionix.io/Orionix_ENG_Whitepaper.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5158615
Telegram: https://t.me/OrionixOfficial
Facebook: https://fb.me/OrionixToken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orionixtoken

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