Why Invest in KOI?

About Koitech Studio

We are a Fintech company that is in charge of analyzing the weaknesses of the current market and create specific tools that meet the needs and ensure the investment growth of our partners.

Our mission is to promote the use of the blockchain within any environment and commercial sector, developing ideas and innovative projects that allow access for all to a transparent and decentralized economy.

Why Invest in KOI?

KOI team have contemplated the projects and its profitability for investors. We encourage integration with commercial sector, rewarding the use of our platform.

In addition to providing multiple income options to the holders of our token, we provide a solution to business needs that require transparency, speed and easy of use that only KOI can offer.

Our investor will have the opportunity to market our token for other cryptocurrencies in several important exchanges, we also offer up to 20% in bonuses and prices discounts on the amount you wish to invest.

Koitech projects

Most of the projects related to the blockchain are aimed at people who have computer skills, excluding a large number of people who, due to lack of knowledge or lack of access to technology, have not been able to take advantage effectively to all the advances that the blockchain offers to its users.

Our main idea is focused on the construction of a complete ecosystem so that our currency circulates, involving different economic and social sectors, to the tools of easy use and access that allows users without knowledge to take advantage of the potential of the blockchain. Our technology can be used for P2P, P2C, C2C transactions, for the fast and transparent sending / receiving of remittances, for voting, courses, federate sports payments and many other applications.

+ Virtual POS/Wallet

One of the most difficult areas with which the new user of the blockchain has been found is the lack of options and the simplicity at the moment of making the transactions, however, in KoiTech Studio we found the solution to that difficulty, and even more, we give access to people with little knowledge and without technological devices at their disposal.

We simplify the exchange of commercial values, eliminating banking expenses and connections, Allowing fast and secure transactions, using technological means such as your mobile phone, through the web platform or simply using your ID.

+Legendary Cultures

We are in the development of a platform for video games based on a collectable token ERC-721, which must be acquired with our KOI currency. We wish that the users could enjoy an entertainment and at the same time they have an economic income, without needing to know about programming, or have any information about the blockchain.

In legendary cultures all elements will be limited, giving them a real collection and monetary value. Each of the acquired objects can be exchanged in different markets.


We want to connect our technology in open currency markets. From reloading systems to transactions of purchase and sale of our currency, all in the simplest way in such a way that the growth of our community is allowed.

Ease of use is a fundamental requirement in each of the developments. Establishing simple guidelines so that people can exchange their tokens is our priority.

+Transactions without coverage

In an emergency situation, telecommunications generally fail, preventing rapid and effective access to products and services. We have devised a credit system that will work for those who have our token in their wallet, reckoned in a monthly average and with lower interest rates than bank rates. This means traders can continue with their commercial activities and for the users a tool that help to solve any possible problems.


It is a utility token based on the Ethereum under the ERC20 standard, created to facilitate transactions P2P, P2C, C2C and in the applications of our ecosystem. We will build the true massification of the blockchain and our developments are directed to take advantage of its potential without requiring technology for it.

  • Symbol: KOI
  • Total Supply: 4,800,007,450.00 KOI
  • Decimals: 8
  • Contract: 0x0be34c15f069663FF05eF5EA1E99ab3Dd2d0Fdce
  • Token Value (ETH): 1 ETH = 3336,25 KOI
  • Token Sale price: 1 KOI = USD 0.07

Token sale: 

$10.00 Minimum Investment
10% Koi Bonuses
Price 1 KOI = USD 0.07

Minimum Investment
15% Koi Bonuses
Price 1 KOI = USD 0.07

Minimum Investment
20% Koi Bonuses
Price 1 KOI = USD 0.03

A good decision of Economic Investment

Compared to other initiatives that reach the Initial Offer stage with their hands empty and waiting for economic resources to start the development of their projects, Koitech Studio already surpassed this initial phase, due to the fact that since 2017 the activities in the different projects have been sustained by the financial contribution of the founders, because of this, we can ensure that the motivation is not limited to satisfy a particular economic need, if not a collective good , to achieve the use of the Blockchain in any everyday environment.

Each one of the projects will increase the demand for use of KOI and having a controlled and planned offer will allow the growth and economic revaluation of the currency, in addition the transactions that are carried out within the ecosystem will generate a financial profit to the company that will allow it to continue driving new developments.

If you want to inquire more about the Token KOI, or interact with the Koitech Studios team, you can visit the following links in the different social networks:

Websie: https://koitechstudios.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.koitechstudios.com/assets/whitepaper/AF-Koitech-Whitepaper-en.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5117318.0
Telegram: https://t.me/koitoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koitoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koitechstudios/

Author: Oteemit
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