SWIDEX - Swiftlance Decentralized Exchange

Swidex is a tokenized decentralized program that can be constructed on Ethereum protocol. It aims to supply a fully decentralized substitute it is eco-friendly, quickly and secured for P2P virtual property trading.

Ethereum Blockchain is followed simply due to the fact Ethereum was certainly one of the early cryptocurrencies that emerged within the Blockchain industry. Hence, most developers are widely wide-spread with the programming language, Solidity and extra than 50percent of virtual property function on Ethereum Blockchain both as fundamental Blockchain or preliminary Blockchain earlier than mainnet launch. Therefore, Swidex advances a broad policy of virtual property and adds a decentralized trading platform.


Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Centralized exchanges are probably some of the foremost standard and early buying and selling systems followed by majority of customers within the cryptocurrency industry. They are centralized, act as intermediaries among merchants with a couple of guidelines of who, what, and while to trade. Wallet addresses are offered for customers to deposit virtual belongings and in turn, they provide virtual digital belongings at the buying and selling platform for customers to trade. The user’s funds, belongings are majorly saved in a central wallet; it's owned, controlled and managed via a central administrator.

Limitations & problems of centralized exchanges

Since centralized exchanges are controlled and managed via means of a central administrator, several inherent troubles are related with the use of CEX. There are a number of tales of users’ debts frozen or depleted with out genuine explanation or reasons.

More so, a number of safety breaches have been mentioned in millions of greenbacks foremost to fantastic lack of users’ assets, and eventual shutdown of the exchange. Recently, a notable CEX, Cryptopia had a safety breach and reportedly suffered vast loss foremost to its eventual close down.

In addition, circumstances have been recorded the place customers of a reputable change have been denied entry to their money as a result of demise of founder of the change maintaining personal keys to wallets containing users’ funds and assets.

Comparism between centralized & decentralized exchanges


P2P digital assets trading

Swidex is a DAPP and token protocol that adds an open peer to peer decentralized trading platform it's instant, quick and secured the place its customers are capable to eliminate intermediary limitations and controls of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Swidex is not controlled by means of way of a central administrator or entity nevertheless it deals a platform the place customers are empowered to commerce instantly inside themselves at the time period they choose.

Mission and purpose

We goal to give a decentralized P2P buying and selling platform with wise contract technology. A international the place customers commerce virtual belongings with equanimity. A burning protocol will be integrated into Swidex wise contract the place Swidex tokens will slowly be burn till 30 percent (1.5 billion) of the complete present is successfully burned.Swidex will present dividends in kind of Ethereum (Eth) quarterly to holders of Swidex tokens. This is to present Swidex token holders as stakeholders of Swidex.


For more information, follow the link below:

Website: http://swidex.trade/
Whitepage: http://swidex.trade/swidex.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swiftlanceoutsourcingplatform
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swiftlance1/
Medium: https://medium.com/@swiftlance.org/
Telegram: https://t.me/Swidex/

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