Gooreo – a decentralized recruitment platform

Gooreo is a decentralized Ethereal based platform that is based on blockchain technology and allows you to combine job seekers with those who are looking for work. What he did transparently and honestly than before. Why let’s try to find out.

Gooreo is building a stage to streamline procedures for finding activities for students and alumni who are sharp, in this way improving their work basically. Corporate organizations are also greatly benefited by our stage because there is a minimization or total destruction of registration administrations at a surprising cost to obtain the best sources of capability that may be needed for their specific work which then adds to long-term benefits.

The main goal of this project is to provide potential and relevant data to potential clients so that they decide whether to conduct a careful investigation of open doors with the aim of obtaining Oreo Coin. This article does not specify an offer to offer or request offers to buy securities in any field where it is not legal to make such offers or sales.

Gooreo is building a stage to streamline procedures to find activities for students and alumni who are sharp, in this way can improve their work basically. Corporate organizations are also greatly benefited by our stage because there is a minimization or total destruction of registration administrations at a surprising cost to obtain the best sources of capability that may be needed for their specific work which then adds to long-term benefits.

The goal we want to achieve:

  • Develop Gooreo as one of the most useful applications for students and business owners to find desired jobs and applicants quickly and easily anytime and in any country.
  • Deploy applications in Arab countries immediately to prove to the world that the Oreo model is a viable efficient global scale
  • Constant improvement of the platform based on user feedback and a roadmap to constantly present new features to the public.
  • Innovate and disrupt traditional ways of advancing work to balance technological progress and fast-paced life.
  • Increase funds needed to spread applications globally
  • Develop a decentralized and autonomous network between students and business organizations with a broad base of new features, services, and transactions.

Benefits of GOOREO

Students will ensure that they can have jobs in their specialties easily and obtain a certified certificate from the site and company after the completion of the work to prove experience

With the Gooreo platform, business owners can also get a lot of time and money and find young people to hire them in various fields easily

With GOOREO’s assistance, the community will benefit from the insights and innovations of its youth and will save a lot of money in building opportunities for newly graduated graduates.

Gooreo is a decentralized stage created in the chain block Ethereum. This system allows us to create troublesome applications that have solid verification and get rid of the need for outsiders who are too high. Gooreo dApp (decentralized application) will be accessible online in the work area and versatile. This application will help newly graduated students to find jobs that suit their specialties fundamentally faster, simpler and will help organizational owners in their scanning for the ability to understand to be used in temporary or lasting work.

We also present tokens known as OREO coins, which will be used by clients on the stage to conduct work-related exchanges. The use of blockchain innovations in this way will ensure the most extreme security as information and records shared by job seekers, and associations that use them cannot be threatened because they are responsible for ideas that are sealed from blockchain innovation.

Info token

Token OREO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 OREO = 0.006 USD
Price in ICO 0.0100 USD

50% on pre-sale on ICO.
First Week: 25%
Second Week: 20%
Third week: 15%
Fourth week: 10%

Investment info

Min. investment 0.5 ETH
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 1 OREO = 4000 ETH
Hard cap 25000 ETH


The Team

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IronX - World Class Exchange - Best in Trading

Established in 2010, IronFX is the award-winning leading global online forex trading brand, with 10 trading platforms and over 200 tradable instruments. IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America while providing support in over 30 different languages. The Group authorised and regulated by the four premier regulators in the FX world, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus)

Established in 2017, EmurgoHK, a global leader in blockchain technology, is the venture builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol, and its hugely successful native cryptocurrency, the ADA Coin. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic business hubs, Hong Kong, and perfectly positioned between Northeast and Southeast Asia, EmurgoHK is spreading the revolutionary Cardano protocol across the Pacific Rim.

The IRONX Exchange

+ Fully Regulated: The Group is actively seeking to be licensed and become properly regulated.  At present, it holds a FIU licence in Estonia but will actively pursue licences in other key jurisdictions.  In this regard the group is considering both Gibraltar and Malta.
+ Existing Client Base: IronX is being built with our 1.2 million existing IronFX Group retail clients and 150,000 Cardano followers  in mind, giving us access to a huge liquidity pool
+ FIAT and CRYPTO Funding: Our platform will provide a full range of traditional FIAT and CRYPTO wallet funding options
+ 24/7 Support: IronX will be the first exchange to offer not only 24/7 support, but also in the language that our users speak, catering to their needs.


Our vision is to create a crypto exchange that is created with the traditional trader in mind. This is why we have merged the best in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in crypto EmurgoHK, to create a world-class crypto exchange.

We want our exchange to offer the services that traders are used to, and combine them with the benefits of trading in the crypto currency market. We also want to introduce crypto traders to the benefits that traditional trading offers.

Seamless Blending with Traditional Online Trading

The IronX Exchange intends to allow clients to use their existing IronX Exchange crypto accounts and cryptocurrencies to seamlessly migrate or move (partially or fully) positions/exposure into the IronFX Group online trading platform in an efficient, quick and costless way, via the use of common back office backbone and best-of-class banking and payment methods available by the IronFX Group. In addition, the existing accumulated experience regarding Risk Management, Account Management, and Compliance Management will be used as a seamless bridge facilitating this process of moving exposure/positions from cryptocurrencies trading into traditional online trading.

IronX Token Sale

The IRX ERC-20 Utility token will serve as the main token in the IronX Exchange, backing the system’s usage. Fees paid in IRX tokens will carry a discount, incentivizing frequent traders to use IRX for all fees and transactions.

Holders of IRX tokens will also benefit in a variety of ways. Based on holding levels, they will be entitled to additional services and incentives on the IronX – IronFX Group ecosystem.

  • Discount in spreads on traders on trading products
  • Free IronFX Card, VIP Accounts with no requirements, free Virtual Private Server (VPS) without requirements
  • Discounted fees for Portfolio Management (Management Fees and Performance Fees)
  • Upgrade Introducing Broker / Affiliate without the existing requirements
  • Additional commissions for the Introducing Broker / Affiliate when paid in IRX
  • Open an IRX Base Currency Trading Account to trade CFDs on the IronFX Grouptrading platform, deposit and withdraw in IRX

The public token sale will be open to all potential contributors, with the exception of citizens of the following countries: United States of America, Cyprus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Korea, China, Morocco, Namibia, Bahamas, Botswana and Ghana.

Executive Team

Advisory Board


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Bithemoth Ecosystem will Fast and intuitive exchange

Blockchain is becoming the cornerstone of modern innovation and has the potential to revolutionize the world. Recognizing this potential, we at Bithemoth have assembled a professional team of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to create an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform. Since cryptocurrency is designed for mainstream adoption, our platform will be a stop-shop for clients that intend to earn huge returns on investment. We will create a user-friendly system that incorporates both traditional markets and the blockchain based assets.
Bithemoth Ecosystem will offer the following:
  • Fast and intuitive exchange.
  • A rich trading platform embedded with digital asset investment opportunities.
  • A turnkey ICO Incubator
Our services will be accessible through a streamlined platform that is embedded onto the blockchain technology. It is our belief that newcomer investors do not need to pass through a laborious process before benefitting from the crypto market. Our vision at Bithemoth is to mentor new investors for them to become skilled in the crypto-space through our supportive, simple and user-friendly platform. While on the other hand, allowing experienced traders to enjoy highly flexible, fast, and secure environment that is inherently laden with familiar features. Bithemoth will not stop at providing a user-friendly platform to investors; we will also offer an integrated marketplace and ICO Incubator that will provide our users more opportunity to utilize their crypto or take advantage of new developments.

Bithemoth will refine the way crypto-currencies are traded and will be a key leading innovator in this sector. This platform will incorporate multiple novel features to distinguish itself from existing platforms solidifying itself in the crypto-sphere. Utilizing the diversity of the team we are creating a powerful and robust exchange, which will not only satisfy the needs of traditional stock investors but will also simplify the trading process allowing any person to be part of this technological renaissance.

Team Experience

Members of Bithemoth platform are premium level experts in the financial sector and related fields. Our vision is to build a successful business in this space and to create a solid bridge that will connect the digital asset ecosystem to existing institutions. Blockchain technology will no doubt introduce a paradigm shift in the way businesses is conducted, however, we will leave no stone unturned in the blockchain space when applying basic business ethics to develop users’ applications. According to Dr. Garrick Hileman, during a global cryptocurrency benchmark study at the Cambridge University in 2017, “Cryptocurrency will not be useful when it is at a close vacuum, but with the effort of connecting bridges, it can be used to improve the economy”. We align ourselves with the position of Dr. Garrick that is why we parade top-notch professionals to build these connecting bridges. Bithemoth plans to improve on the existing fintech space rather than starting from the scratch with a view to seamlessly integrate traditional brokerage services into the growing digital asset economy and the proven blockchain platforms.


The following are a list of common issues that militate against the growth of existing exchange platforms. Bithemoth strives to provide solutions using a user friendly, fast and fully licensed platform to ensure that these issues are mitigated.


This first issue we would like to focus on is how cumbersome and tedious it is to sign-up and deposit funds into current exchanges. In some instances, it can take days and even weeks to get verified on an exchange. For most investors, this period of time is extremely stressful and can feel like an eternity with the market continually changing. As we all know, time is of the essence when it comes to investing.
At Bithemoth, we would like to address this issue by streamlining the signup process and providing world class support for investors. This will not only make it easier to sign up but will also reduce the verification time significantly. We leverage on our understanding of time management to mitigate this issue. Investors are guaranteed of a seamless and fast platform for trading.

Poorly Designed U.I’s
Another issue that investors normally have to deal with is the issue of poorly designed UI’s and archaic platforms. Most crypto-trading platforms are usually bogged down with excessive numbers and charts with little to no explanations. This can overwhelm even the most seasoned investors. With this challenge, how will amateur investors learn the ropes to become a professional investor? This question has amicably taken care of with the introduction of our platform.

In order to solve this issue, we are consulting with industry experts from various trading backgrounds to create the most efficient and robust UI that is available on the market. In addition, to completely explain our UI, we will be releasing a series of videos to make sure that everyone using Bithemoth will be able to make full use of all of our unique features.

These videos will go a long way to explain how our features operate, so that amateur investors will learn everything they need to know even without going through a mentorship class.

Platform Speeds
Another germane issue we will look into is the speed of current exchanges. Several investors have been complaining about the snail speed the currency exchanges are fraught with, resulting in huge losses.
In view of the above, we are future-proofing our exchange to ensure scalability and speed. We will achieve these through setting up a strong foundation for the platform to grow. This will ensure that the exchange will be able to maintain efficiency if there were a surge in user registration. In addition, we will also assign a support team that would be charged with the responsibility of resolving users’ queries and complaints within the shortest possible time.

Customer Service
The greatest challenge faced by investors in the crypto-market is the issue of customer service and support. The challenge ranges from unresponsive support teams to rude staff members. From our visibility studies, we discovered that there has never existed an exchange with a world class support team.

At Bithemoth, we place value on the trading experience of investors, which is why we are maintaining a pleasant trading environment. We realized that having a world class support team cannot be overemphasized.

To confront this challenge, we will hire top-class customer service experts to work in our customer service unit. These experts will be adequately trained and certified to handle customers’ queries and complaints. We will make a point of duty to train and retain our customer service team, and the fees will be borne by Bithemoth. This training will align the superior standards of our exchange with the interpersonal skills of our staff members. That’s not all, we will only select the best candidates for the job to reduce the waiting time that users will get a response from us. Once users have reported an issue, our customer care will respond to the complaint as fast as is humanly possible. The trading experience is a priority of the Bithemoth team and we are motivated to assemble the best support team possible.

International & Multilingual Support:

Another major pitfall of current trading platforms is that they lack adequate international support. This centralized some exchanges to certain regions and inhibits them from developing into a global platform. In order to truly make our exchange available world-wide, we are going to utilize the diversity of our team and ensure that the exchange will have support for all major languages. This will earn Bithemoth as one of the most globally accessible exchanges on the market and reduce some of the market variation experienced between different regions.


As an investor, one of the most heightened concerns is the security of an exchange. This is because even though every investor would like to store their funds remotely, it is inevitable that a portion of one’s investments will be located at the exchange due to active trading. While some of the other exchanges seem to overlook the security of their platforms, at Bithemoth, we believe that transparency is the key to the success of any business. In light of this, our platform will run transparently. To ensure the security of our platform, we have deployed high level state-of-the-art security architectures to protect investors’ funds, guaranteeing its safety.

Registration, Licensing, and Regulations (Multiple Jurisdictions)

According to Hileman and Rauchs, the greatest challenges facing current cryptocurrency exchanges is to maintain cordial relationship with traditional financial institutions, payment gateways, and banks. Furthermore, analysis conducted in over 150 companies reveal that small exchanges have difficulties maintaining relationship with financial institutions.
In view of the above, Bithemoth intends to operate as an electronic money institution. For us to run a multi-faceted fintech platform, we will obtain multiple licenses from different jurisdictions with a view to remaining compliant with laws and regulations. Whenever we plan to expand our services to other jurisdictions, we will apply for licenses as required by law to cover our planned services.


In a bid to operate as a link between traditional finance and the digital asset economy, Bithemoth platform has come up with a simple and conventionally adoptive system. Three major aspects of the digital economy will be simplified by Bithemoth’s diverse ecosystem thus presenting (i) an exchange, (ii) a trading platform, and (iii) a complete ICO Incubator.

A wide range of services that were absent in a single system will be made available as Bithemoth works alongside her partners. New traders can invest in cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange using our adjustable and user-free environment while, professional investors will conveniently use our trading platform that has been designed with a vigorous tool-set. Bithemoth ecosystem envisions her ability to provide companies with an ICO Incubator that is ready to use and that which supports project development thus, enhancing growth and collaboration.

Bithemoth hopes to offer payment processes for both cryptocurrencies and fiat that are fast and secure by establishing banking relationships that are stable. Bithemoth also plans on implementing and adding to the already existing features, a unique system of rewards for BHM purchasers, and carefully designed custom trading solutions to meet the needs of the digital asset economy.

Direct Payment Process – Cryptocurrency and Fiat Support
Through the securement of specific licenses, eMoney status, and stable banking relationships, we are setting up the infrastructure for direct payment processes that will allow the conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency. Both direct Bithemoth exchange clients and third-party clients such as external companies will have access to this feature and can utilize it as a means of entering the cryptocurrency market.

Trading GUI
Clients can use the matching engine to send for both standard and non-standard order types like Limits, Stops, Markets, Limit-Stop Orders and OCO (One Cancels Others). Using this system, one can also have access to different TIF (Time in Force) options like IOC (Immediate or Cancel), GTC (Good till Cancelled) and FOK (Fill or Kill). A professional grade HTML5 library will enable charting, such that users can customize their layout with a few clients, also they can with ease add multiple periods of time and indicators or price studies. Based on pre-calculated risk to reward settings, clients can use a simple drag and drop interface to place stop and limit orders. From the chart, one click trading will be available to simplify the order enter process and to reduce latency for higher frequency traders. Also, a client will be able to see a graphical representation of their account activity as historical trades. Both filled and pending orders can be plotted on the chart. The design of this platform is such that both a web browser and our own Bithemoth-branded iOS and Android Apps can have access.

Exchange Fee Structure

We plan that any client or taker on the exchange who places orders will pay a commission on all executed orders beginning with a MAXIMUM of 0.10%.
We are also offering free trades for a limited time to users that hold over 100 units of BHM. After this period expires holders of BHM can use it to pay for trading fees at a discount of 50%.
There will be no fee for deposits into our exchange. Minimal to zero fees will be charged for withdrawals depending on the factors involved, such as network fees and other cost inducing processes.

Ecosystem Growth

At Bithemoth, we believe that client enthusiasm, participation and retention can be increased by engaging them on the platform through added opportunities to earn. This will allow for more liquidity within the engine thereby keeping spread low and generating higher overall volumes. We plan on rewarding users for participation in BHM and as the platform develops, the scope of reward activities should change and grow. Upon the release of the Bithemoth platform, users will be rewarded for simply signing up on the platform and creating a wallet, referring friends to the platform, using the exchange for the first time, and completing user feeder forms which will help the team to continuously improve on the platform.

Decentralization and Atomic Pair

Since assets are often held by the exchange on behalf of its client base, cryptocurrency exchanges are generally “semi-centralized.” The move to completely decentralize the exchange mechanism has begun and Bithemoth is directing a proactive approach towards this technology. The team behind Bithemoth sees technology as Cosmos, Polkadot and Aion approaching and understands that going forward, cross chain communication and atomic swaps will be extremely significant. Bithemoth hopes to use time locked smart contracts without third party involvement to complete the transaction to offer atomic swaps like “peer-2-peer secure exchanges.” The smart contract will serve as a timed escrow so that in the event that one party defaults in the transaction, both parties would be protected. This exchange mechanism is designed such that it will carry nearly zero fees from our side as this will be for clients who are trading smaller volumes and those that do not require immediate execution.


ICO Incubator
Giving vetted ICOs access to transparent and secure funding rounds is Bithemoth’s aim in creating a powerful turnkey ICO incubator. The team of senior engineers at Bithemoth will formally examine all aspects of token sale proposals including idea novelty, project feasibility, legal compliance and financial justification. The approved projects will have access to Bithemoth’s complete ICO incubator system and a dedicated support team. This will provide a base for blockchain and tech start-ups to grow off of and launch their business. This will also provide our users with special opportunities to have early access to invest in promising new projects.

Companies in our incubator will be able to issue tokens and ICO contracts using input parameters through our proposed system. Any token issued through Bithemoth will be liquid and tradable on the Bithemoth exchange using the token sale. Automatic smart contract mechanisms that are capable of creating smart contracts and deploying them on the NEO, NEM and Ethereum blockchains will also be offered on the ICO incubator.

Easy DAO Registration
Bithemoth’s ecosystem aims to allow projects to register and use their business as a specialized smart contract or Mosaic on the NEO, NEM or Ethereum blockchain. This will allow users to without the explicit need of a “paper corporation” formalize their business transactions.

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Deposits
We are expectant that Bithemoth’s planned infrastructure and banking relationships will enable cryptocurrency and fiat deposit on one platform. We intend that users will be able to make deposits using a wide range of channels like local bank deposit, E-wallet, credit card, SWIFT transfer, SEPA transfer and multiple cryptocurrencies.

Bithemoth Exchange clients will be able to deposit and withdraw both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Bithemoth will create a reliable, scalable and secure deposit and withdrawal system. The option to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, and vice-versa, in large quantities will be a game changer for the community and a gateway to reaching new highs.

Smart Contracts
On the NEO, NEM and ETH blockchains, smart contracts and digital tokens are easily issuable through Bithemoth’s planned system interface. Upon the evolution of new blockchain innovations, there is potential to integrate new platforms and features into Bithemoth’s ecosystem. Users of smart contracts are provided with automated, low-fee transactions which provide a higher level of security than relying on standard localized databases. All smart contracts related to live trading will be created or written post-trade to reduce latency. Subsequently, we will explore writing all trade data in real time inside a distributed ledger as blockchain technology becomes faster. With smart contracts, the management of approved workflows between counter-parties, and the calculation of trading settlement accounts with higher accuracy as opposed to standard database technology becomes achievable.

Quick to Market
The Bithemoth ecosystem hopes to foster innovations through its vetting process and token interface by providing the needed infrastructure and tools for projects to get support, gather funds and launch a stable platform. Following the token sale, tokens issued through Bithemoth will be liquid and tradable immediately on the exchange.

White Labeling Opportunities
Through our token sale platform, Bithemoth looks forward to creating unique white labeling opportunities for enterprise clients. Clients will be able to offer crypto and fiat payments to their own user-base and token sale participants by white labeling our digital wallet and portal set-up. Token users on Bithemoth will be able to create and customize their own backend while taking advantage of tools such as easy token issuance made available by our larger ecosystem architecture. Tokens will be tradable immediately on the main exchange when initial token sales ends with the provision of adding the token to one or more of our curated ETCF baskets for more liquidity.

Bithemoth Coin (BHM)
Bithemoth Coin (BHM) will be the token coin that we will issue. There will be a maximum amount of 200 000 000(two hundred million) coins that will be created. We do not intend to increase it further. BHM is modeled and will run using the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20. This will ensure the safety and security of the token in the long-term.


Presale Schedule

ICO Schedule
Once our ICO commences, investors shall be invited to purchase BHM tokens until the 90,000,000 tokens that we have set aside have been sold. The purchasing schedule will work on an incremental basis that will reward buyers that purchase BHM token during the early stages of our ICO.
Investors that purchase BHM via our ICO will receive their tokens within and no later than 7 working days.

BHM Value

You will be able to utilize your BHM coins to pay for any fees on our exchange platform. This will include exchange fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees etc.
There will be specific discount incentives that we will be introduced for the initial promotion of BHM usage on our exchange; this will be effective immediately but limited to a period of 5-years.

Repurchasing Plan
Quarterly, our BHM team will use a portion of ours profits to exercise a buy back on BHM tokens that will be destroyed. This will continue until 50% of the entire BHM coin amount has been destroyed, leaving (100 000 000) coins in circulation.

Long Term Stability of BHM

Several ERC20 tokens spend a lot of time emphasizing on speculation instead of dwelling on utility. Bithemoth will not encourage this practice. For many ERC20 token, the prices depend on demand and supply. In order for users to obtain coin, Bithemoth will help reduce volatility by creating a three step approach as detailed below;

►The creation of a token buyback reserve which will be funded by 20% of Bithemoth’s profit. We intend to use this reserve to stabilize the our coin as needed. Depending on the underlying demand, coin bought back by Bithemoth will be sold with a view to facilitating liquidity on both sides of buying and selling. It is pertinent to mention here that the net profit is not the sum collected through the pre-token or token sale, rather it is the net operating profit when we fully launch our platform.

The use of the net profit is at our discretion. Users do not have the right to decide how the token buyback will be reserve. It is also subject to financial regulations and legal requirements. It is pretty difficult for us to determine the size of this reserve before launching the initial token sale.

Our projections are based on capitalization, market size, and speculation as a result of data from competitors as well as general market research. In view of the above, we will focus the first year to establish the brand as well as fostering growth. Then, proceed from there to develop the company and all of its tech associated branches and platforms.

►We plan that all fees accruable to Bithemoth through our investment vehicle, ICO related services, on our exchange, and through the ICO Incubator gateway shall be paid in BHM.

  • Due to Bithemoth’s services, the demand of BHM will definitely rise. The rise in demand will cause the value of BHM to increase. Whenever a service is paid for on our platform, whether it is BTC, USD, ETH, or other currencies, an equivalent amount of BHM shall be paid via our exchange to take care of the fees. Hence, our exchange platform will always be active. Whenever there are no sell orders to support conversions, our liquidity reserve’s resting BHM will be deployed at a price equivalent to the market value.
  • For us to create a value proposition that will stand the taste of time, our plan is to burn 1%, 5%, 10%, and 33% of each fee payment. As the platform grows, the BHM availability will decrease, resulting into a reduction in supply and thereby helping the BHM to be competitive.

►We plan that token holders will be offered discounts subject to their total BHM holdings. What this means is that, the more BHM they hold, they more discount they will enjoy. This incentive will spur users to buy and hold more BHM.
Bonus Structure for Pre-Token Sale and Token Sale Participants
Pre-sale token participants will receive tiered discounts on the price of BHM depending on entry time. The discount will reduce as more tokens are sold. The practice with other exchanges is that they offer larger discounts to private investors even before the ICO pre-sale and main sale goes live. Bithemoth is applying a paradigm shift in this regard by offering the discount to everybody on its platform rather than to some select private investors.

► We strive to create a token buyback reserve that would be funded with 20% of the net revenues accruable to us with a view to adding liquidity to bolster the market.

►It is our intention that investors will have the opportunity to receive invitations and enjoy exclusive opportunity during our future token sales.

Risk Disclaimer
For us to move our platform into its operational stage, 5 million EUR, which is our minimum sale target, must be achieved.

Cryptocurrency investors should be aware that there are inherent risks associated with any developing industry. At Bithemoth, we strive to minimize these risks through proactive measures and utilizing key channels of support.

Road map


Author by : haudhv

A new way to share data and files - Outofthecloud

In this article, I decided to consider another ICO called Outofthecloud. Today file transfer is an integral part of the lives of people and companies. There is nothing strange in this, since almost all areas are directly related to the transfer of information. However, in this case, the question arises, how can you ensure secure data transmission over a distance. A similar question arose due to the fact that in recent times there have been many scammers who are eager to steal information.

At the moment, for such purposes, many people and large companies use the Internet. However, it will not be difficult to intercept information for a professional in his field. Specialists of the innovative platform Outofthecloud tried to do everything possible to ensure the safe transfer of information.

What tasks is the project planning to solve?

  1. Safety is paramount. All data and files will now be stored in special locked folders. In this case, they will be encrypted, analyzed, and also placed throughout the chain. Decentralized storage implies impeccable security.
  2. Preview. Now clients can view files in one protected viewer.
  3. Nothing more to install on your computer. To use the platform will now be enough to have access to the Internet.
  4. Custom branding. If necessary, you can place a watermark and a link to the video at the top of the viewer.

As you can see, Outofthecloud is a completely new generation of solutions for exchanging various files. It is ready to offer users a dynamic presentation and platform for instant delivery.

Initial Coin Offering

In order to fund the development and continued growth of the OutCloud blockchain platform and network, an initial coin offering is been held. This offering shall be a flex offering and uncapped.
The issuance will be broadly classified into two sections – PRE-ICO and ICO. The distribution of coins into two phases ensures that the funds are being allocated appropriately and the corresponding results are being achieved for the same. This will ensure a controlled deployment of funds as various projects and product features are introduced to the community.
A focus on planning is critical, rather than concentrating purely on capital collection. There will be a total of 1.2 Billion non-mineable coins available in the ecosystem.

Coin Distribution
30% Pre-ICO
40% ICO
10% Founders & Management
10% Reserved
5% Advisory Board
5% Marketing

Token Structure
Name of coin: OutCloud Coin
Platform: Ethereum
Protocol: ERC20
Symbol: OUT
Total Coin Supply 1,200,000,000
Pre-ICO Supply: 300,000,000
ICO Supply: 400,000,000
Accepted Contributions: ETH
Minimum Contribution Amount: 10 USD (Amt in ETH.)

No. of Coins Available: 300 Million
Beginning: 21st August 2018
End: 18th September 2018
1 OUT: 0.10 USD

Pre-ICO Weekly Discounts
Week 1: 30% | Coin Price: 0.10,5 USD
MONDAY August 27th, 2018 11:59 pm this discount ends!
Week 2: 20% | Coin Price: 0.12 USD
Week 3: 10% | Coin Price: 0.13,5 USD
Week 4: 5% | Coin Price: 0.14,25 USD

No. of Coins Available: 400 million
Beginning: 19th September 2018
End: 19th October 2018
1 OUT: 0.15 USD

The project team

For the development of this platform was created really the best team of specialists who have incredible experience. In addition, employees are also ready to quickly implement the tasks and protect information in modern realities. You can get acquainted with the specialists who are engaged in the development in the photo below:

As you can see, Outfthecloud is a kind of storage that allows you to quickly and safely transfer all the necessary information. All this also opens up completely new possibilities for each user.

For more detailed information about this project you can use the following links :

Website: .
Whitepaper: .
ANN: .
Twitter: .
Facebook: .
Telegram: .
Youtube: .

Article author: Haudhv

ARAW ecosystem across the e-commerce and payments industry

Globally only around 5% of people associated with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We always use the example that everyone knows how to use Currency Notes (Paper Money), but very few understand the complexity behind it like security, compliance, Govt. strategy, etc. ARAW is aiming to achieve similar result with blockchain technology where regular people around the world get accustomed using ARAW platform without needing to change their shopping behavior or understand the complexity of the blockchain technology.

We have chosen the E-Commerce channel to fulfill our vision for below reasons.

  • E-Commerce is a vastly used channel by the regular people all over the world which is the primary driver in fulfilling ARAW’s vision to make Blockchain Technology available to ordinary people around the world, so they can benefit from cryptocurrency out-of-the-box.
  • The ARAW team has E-Commerce domain expertise and partnership with some of the industry leaders.

The ARAW Ecosystem — Core Components

  • Araw pay will be an open widget to accept payments in ARAW tokens with a click of a button from any website or business. We aim to provide seamless integration of Araw pay solutions in Araw mobile & web wallet, open API platform, and Araw e-commerce marketplace.
  • The seamless integration of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and cryptocurrency exchanges allow platform users to top-up or cashback ARAW tokens to their linked bank accounts and exchange ARAW tokens with other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.
  • ARAW’s vertical for merchants to reward their customers in ARAW tokens. The platform motivates regular customers to keep using ARAW E-Commerce for their daily shopping by sending them meaningful rewards converted from their ARAW tokens without needing them to do anything. ARAW platform and the team do >all the hard work.
  • Plug & Play enterprise blockchain based E-Commerce Platform that can be up and running with a click of the button.


ARAW is an ERC20 token that fuels the ARAW ecosystem across the e-commerce and payments industry. The token will be issued in an upcoming ICO, and the number of tokens that will ever be created is capped at 5 billion. The token can also be used as a rewards mechanism by retailers for their customers. ARAW boasts a token-fueled rewards platform for which there is an open API. The rewards program is unique in that rewards aren’t points and don’t expire, making them more attractive to customers and ultimately bolstering the value of the coin. The company already has customers using its rewards system off-chain, and the plan is to migrate them to the token-fueled decentralized platform. ARAW also plans a bounty program airdrop for which 150 million tokens are earmarked. Token distribution is as follows:

ARAW ICO Details
Token Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Symbol: ARAW
Pre-ICO: July 1
Public Crowdsale: TBD
Token Supply: 5,000,000,000
Tokens Available for Sale: 3,500,000,000
Soft Cap: $2,000,000
Hard Cap: $25,000,000
Price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Payment Methods: ETH

Growth Opportunity

Investors who are interested in the ARAW token sale must go through the know-your-customer process. This involves white-list registration and providing any required information to prove your identity. The fact that ARAW is pursuing regulatory compliance in the jurisdictions in which it plans to operate is a positive in an environment that is moving closer toward global regulation.

ARAW is in discussions with exchanges to list its ARAW token. While the startup declines to identify these trading platforms until it’s a done deal, the fact that the discussions are under way is a positive sign for traders who are interested in the project, as it will provide liquidity. Plus there is a bounty program and airdrop on the roadmap.

ARAW has the benefit of experience with two years of operations under its belt. The ICO is designed to fund an expansion, one that involves a move to a decentralized platform on the Ethereum network as well as a 2020 push into the U.S. and Asia.

Despite the competition, ARAW is a participant in a robust payment and e-commerce space, the latter of which is projected to reach $4.5 trillion in sales in the next three years, according to the ARAW white paper. ARAW also cites another statistic, which is that “10% of the world’s GDP will be created on the blockchain by 20205.” All of these market statistics help to make the case for another e-commerce and payment platform.


ARAW boasts a deep bench of seasoned banking professionals who are alumni of firms like Barclays, JPMorgan, Capital One and more.

Krutesh Shah is at the helm as co-founder and CEO. He’s a banking industry alum at major investment banks including BNP Paribas and Barclays. This experience should serve him well with the company’s migration to the blockchain. He brings the financial tools while ARAW CTO Carlo Pascoli brings the technical experience, having been part of engineering teams at “Shazam, IG and Thomson Reuters.” Pascoli boasts experience with developing mobile apps and distributed systems and is a believer in decentralization.

ARAW’s management team extends to an experienced advisory team comprised of more than half-a-dozen e-commerce and blockchain professionals whose guidance is likely to result in a successful move to the Ethereum network.


Q1 2016
  • Araw Idea Born
Q2 2016
  • Prototype Araw Platform,
  • Using Virtual Points
  • Without Blockchain

Q4 2016
  • Araw UK Ltd Company
  • Headquartered in the London, UK
Q2 2017
  • Araw Mobile Apps Launched in the UK Apple Store & Google Playstore
Q3 2017
  • Improved Digital Loyalty & Marketing Solution Released
  • Customer Insight Dashboard
Q4 2017
  • Deals and Offers Implemented
  • Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Integrated in Mobile Apps
Q1 2018
  • Araw Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain - MVP development
Q2 2018
  • Araw Smart Contract & Liquidity Contract
  • Platform Security Audit
  • Whitelisting & Airdrop

Q3 2018

  • The ARAW Token ICO Private & Public Sale
  • E-commerce Marketplace
  • Unified Reward System
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfer
Q4 2018
  • Araw Mobile Wallet
  • Banking system integration
  • Crypto Exchanges Integration

Q1 2019

  • Open API Platform
  • Araw Pay
Q2 2019
  • Release Araw Platform in the UK
  • Araw Card Licensing Process

Q3 & Q4 2019

  • European Expansion
  • Araw Card - Touch &
  • Pay Mobile Solution
Q1 2020
  • USA Expansion
Q2 2020
  • Asia Expansion
Q3 & Q4 2020
  • It's just a beginning!
  • The Araw Era has begun

More Infomation




GOeureka build a hotel reservation platform uses blockchain technology

What is GOeureka?

GOeureka is a travel tech company utilising blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking sector and deliver greater transparency by allowing hotels to directly connect with their customers. As a technology partner to hotels, GO aims to provide a dynamic digital experience to users and eradicate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agents. By reducing the financial commitments of hotels to third-party booking platforms, GO’s vision is to enable hotels to focus more resources on providing better intrinsic value and services to travellers around the globe.

GOeureka is looking to disrupt the current Online Travel Agency's (OTA) dominance. OTAs currently manage 70% of online bookings, impacting hotel direct bookings and profit margins. OTAs typically serve unfavorable terms to hotels, with rate parity clauses and high commission rates. As the hotel's technology partner, GOeureka seeks to maintain the hotel's brand and their direct communication to customers.

Users of GOeureka are able to book hotel rooms for a range of different countries around the world as we have opened up access to 200,000 properties worldwide.

GOeureka goals.

"GOeureka aims to create a new symbiosis in which hotels retain control of their brand and, at the same time, release unprecedented value for consumers on their platform," said Manej Rai, CEO of GOeureka. "Goeurekas' vision for the future of the travel industry is an online ecosystem of support in which all businesses have the opportunity to thrive and benefit from providing the best goods and services to travelers."
As a technology partner of hotels, GOeureka aims to provide users with a seamless web and application experience without the high commission structures imposed by current OTAs.

Vision of GOeureka

GOeureka launched a patent, which is awaiting the reordering of the client to achieve the best possible value for the space. If the price of the hotel falls, the new booking feature will automatically recognize and re-book the existing lower rate reservation, "Rai added.
As a technology partner of hotels, GOeureka aims to provide a seamless web experience and seamless applications without the high commission structure currently used by OTA.
"We provide an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers to connect directly and eliminate unfair commissions in OTA, which in turn reduces hotel margins and increases consumer prices," Rai said. This unprecedented benefit is passed on to customers.


"GOEUREKA is launching the Re-Booking feature, which is waiting for patents for customers to achieve the best possible value for the space. As hotel prices drop, the re-booking feature will automatically detect existing orders at a lower rate and rank new, "Rai added.
GOeureka also proposed an interoperable loyalty program that would benefit hotels and customers by promoting their own hotel loyalty program with the option to change hotel loyalty points to GO Credit that can be used on the GOeureka platform.
"For consumers who have subscribed to multiple loyalty programs, GOeureka's corporate loyalty program solution can facilitate instant exchanges and exchanges for multiple loyalty points on a single platform," said Rai. "Blockchain acts as an eternal and secure directory of all transactions related to the issuance of GO credits, creating a transparent and verifiable inventory of loyalty points without the need for intermediaries."
GOeureka will launch the first alpha version of their hotel booking platform on September 10th.
"We will be doing live test jobs on the platform over the next few weeks and have the MVP Order Platform feature ready on September 10," Rai said.

Token Details

GO Tokens are ERC20- standard tokens that will be used to facilitate quicker and cheaper transactions on the GOeureka platform.

The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services and unlocking a range of other benefits and travel rewards.
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Token Ticker: GOT
  • Tokens for sale: 600 million tokens. All unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • Token price: $0.10
  • Bonus Distribution: Private sale - 30% | Pre-ICO Phase 1 - 15% | Pre-ICO Phase 2 - 12.5% | ICO Month 1 - 10% | ICO Month 2 - 5%
  • Hard Cap: USD$60 million
  • We Accept: ETH, BTC, USD
  • Restricted Countries: USA, China

GO Tokens will be used for the purchase of products and services on the GOeureka platform. GO Token users will enjoy discounted rates, rewards and other value-added benefits. The whitepaper details the GO Token economy and its uses.

You will receive GO Tokens once the audit of the ICO results is complete. You may sell GO Tokens on exchanges in the near future or spend them on our platform with better value and greater benefits.

Token Distribution

Tokens Generated


Links for more Information

Ann Thread:;all

Author: HauDHV

DECOIN is a revenue sharing trading & exchange platform

DECOIN is an egalitarian community that values transparency and equality and the sharing of our success with each one of our coin holders.

Our uniqueness is that we share our revenue with our users.

Lead by an experienced team of Fintech experts, financial professionals and experienced traders, DECOIN is developing an advanced trading & exchange platform, for beginners as well as experts. Beginners will benefit from its ease of use and experts can take advantage of its advanced features.

We are also issuing our own cryptocurrency called DECOIN (DTEP). DTEP is powered by an independent blockchain which incorporates Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Our coin holders are eligible to receive a portion of the trading fees generated by our exchange.


DECOIN is a regulated exchange, having applied for licenses both in Singapore and the European Union. We are working with our advisors on a daily basis in understanding the legal environment and making sure we are complying with all the relevant regulations and are acting in a secure and transparent way.


Name: DTEP
Platform: Algo
Type: Coin
Price in ICO: 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
BONUS Sale: 50%
Tokens for sale: 42,000,000
Accepting: ETH, BTC, fiat
Distributed in ICO: 60%
Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD



DECOIN Blockchain Specifications

  • DECOIN is a proof of stake (PoS) coin based on X11 hashing algorithm with 60 seconds Block-Time. Due to shorter block time, transactions get confirmed faster
  • Stake age of the DECOIN Blockchain is 1 hour – 60 minutes for the coins to mature in the wallet and produce passive income
  • Each wallet serves as a node and receives a proof-of-stake reward
  • Currently, the speed of the DECOIN Blockchain is 32 TPS, while Ether has 16 TPS. The DECOIN’s engineering team aim to increase the transaction speed significantly
  • DECOIN was built keeping transaction speed and security in mind. In order to accommodate millions of trade per seconds, DECOIN has built its own independent Blockchain.
  • The consensus we choose for the DECOIN Blockchain is proof of stake. In order to minimise resource consumption and make it less vulnerable to 51% attack.
  • DECOIN’s Blockchain randomly selects validators for block creation. The more weight in the wallet, the better your chances to get the PoS reward. This provides better decentralization than proof of work because large miners can’t control the network. It is far easier for a PoS user to pledge his coins and leave his wallet open.

DTEP Specifications

  • Advanced security standards, exceeding anything currently available in the marketplace.
  • Easy interface, clear and simple for both advanced traders and newbies
  • Optimization technology algorithms allowing internal trades to be completed in milliseconds
  • Cloud cluster for physically hosting in multi-regions to prevent the possibility of downtime
  • Open API – allows for rapid development by frontend team, traders, affiliates and 3rd parties
  • Multi-currency wallet support – easy integration capabilities with new currencies and exchanges
  • Multi regulation and legislation support – fully GDPR compliant
  • Multi Language support


DECOIN offers improved accessibility to coin holders by offering the DECOIN credit card program, giving our users easy access to their crypto investments. Our platform provides facilitating the required trades, conversion and reconciliation of their crypto investments into FIAT money that will then be transferred to their assigned DECOIN credit card. We believe that easy accessibility and ease of use will be key to succeeding in the crypto world.


DECOIN’s research analysts will be scouting the crypto market regularly to study various blockchain projects in order to handpick attractive and financially promising investment opportunities for our users periodically select up to 8 promising crypto companies.
As we move forward, additional indices will be created, in different sectors, to meet our users’ growing needs (Biotech, Cyber, Security, etc.).
Companies chosen to participate in the index will be swapping their own coins for DECOINs – hence, they will be mutually invested and interested in the index and DECOIN’s success.


Crypto is generating tremendous interest and people want to get involved and take part, but the reality is that most still do not the know how to get involved or are afraid of this new and seemingly complicated technology.
At DECOIN, we work differently. We encourage you to call us as soon as you have a problem and get assistance. In addition to the standard chat, messaging applications and email support most Crypto companies provide, DECOIN has live 24X7 multilingual call centers worldwide with experienced professionals standing by the telephones to directly answer your questions and assist.
We dedicate more time to our users than our competitors. Our average user call time is around 55 minutes (unlike other companies who have an average call time of 15 minutes).
No waiting, No Chats, No emails to wait for.



Road Map


  • 18 Boon Lay way #05-95
  • TRADEHUB 21 Singapore 609966
  • City of Sofia 1680.
  • Krasno selo district, 59 Solun Str., r.c.
  • Bulgaria. entry G, 3rd floor, apt.8.
  • Support Email:
  • Support Phone: +442038085312

Follow us on our social media also:

Website :
Telegram :
Bitcointalk ANN :
Twitter :

Author: Haudhv

The SCAVO Token is based on a smart contract on the Ethereum network

SCAVO Technologies is a company established in Argentina specialized in the construction of telecommunications data center infrastructure for crypto mining, using renewable resources. Formally founded on August 1, 2017 as a result of 2 years of research and development of proprietary technology that together allow the energy self-sustainability of the entire crypto mining complex.


Scavo technologies is an innovative blockchain company established in Argentina specialized in the construction of data center infrastructure for crypto-mining using renewable resources. It offers an intelligent, scalable, environmentally friendly solution with the ability to maximize energy resources with zero carbon footprint, natural and self-sufficient.


The SCAVO Token is based on a smart contract on the Ethereum network. It is an ERC-20 token, the defector standard of today′s tokens.

Every obtained token permits the holder to get admission to the utilities produced based on the models of operations stipulated in the whitepaper. on this manner, the proprietor of the SCAVO Token acquires the proper to get hold of income proportionally to the quantity of token that he holds, for lifestyles. It’s miles understood as such, to the period by way of which running charges do not exceed the profits to be received.

SCAVO is accountable for finding the right place for the farm and the electricity plant, buying the hardware, supply it to the vacation spot. Construct and maintain the farm, installation their cooling device. manipulate the internet connection carrier bills in addition to to negotiate the interconnection with the present power grid of the nearby strength distribution employer on the way to inject the excess generated strength (not needed for the farm) and be able to monetize it; and of route, any malfunction or trouble that could arise at some stage in those tactics.


That allows you to carry out a massive-scale mission it is important to have extraordinary resources together with monetary, physical, technological, human, and so forth. At some point of the exclusive stages of research and improvement(R&D) SCAVO technologies controlled to forge numerous hyperlinks with era businesses, producers and especially qualified personnel in distinct elements of the arena.

Within the identical manner crew SCAVO desire so that it will establish a protracted-term dating with our traders that permits us to develop together via clear phrases and conditions.


Achieving energy self-sustainability was a key milestone in the development process of the project itself as it will allow the development of the company’s different operating models without being tied to traditional energy costs as well as to energy market fluctuations or policies of energy. The use of renewable energies for the generation of electricity, allows to develop this ecosystem in different parts of the world where energy cost is incompatible with the market of crypto mining.


Symbol token: SCAVO
Platform : Ethereum
Price : 0.6 USD = 1.0 SCAVO
Accepting : BTC, BCH, ZEC, ETH, ETC, XMR, DCR
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap : 83,600,000 USD
Total tokens : 200,000,000



Our project aims at the construction and management of large-scale self-sustaining crypto-mining farms.
The funds rised during the ICO will be mainly allocated to the construction of the mining farms and their power plants to fully supply their energy consumption.
Once energy independence has been achieved, the income generated by the mining farms will cover all maintenance costs and regularly generate additional income.

+ Create Account
Register on our platform by filling the form and get your access credentials to invest in the project.
+ Buy SCAVO tokens
Select the amount of tokens to buy and the payment method of your preference. We accept credit card payments, bank transfers and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.
+ Automatic payments
Guaranteed fully automatic payments in Ether (ETH) every week! You can choose other payment options by changing your preferences on our platform.


With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and having finishied the different stages of R&D, we will build the first large-scale, self-sustaining and scalable crypto mining farm, thus facilitating access to blockchain technology in a predictable manner and friendly with the environment.
We extend the invitation to all people to participate in the acquisition of the SCAVO Token and join this project through our official channels.
All your suggestions, which strengthen the project, will be considered.




Author: haudhv

The core of ICOVO is DAICOVO smart contract

ICOVO is a versatile platform facilitating the launch of DAICOs and integrating all the functionality necessary for running ICO campaigns.


Increase ICO Transparency and Protect Investors

We aim to protect ICO investors by introducing a fundraising management system and
increasing the transparency of ICO project founders as well as the projects themselves.

+ Decentralized Token Management: We will create DAICOVO, an original smart contract incorporating DAICO’s fundamental idea of decentralized token management.
We will introduce a system that only allows withdrawals according to the capital demand of a project’s pre-loaded schedule through a Tap system (setting an amount that can be withdrawn per unit of time). This will prevent developers from running off with raised funds.
In the event that an investor notices a problem with the project, they are able to retract their investment that was raised under agreement as a refund.

+ Decentralized White Paper Versioning: Versioning for White Paper not to be tamperd is managed by InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).
+ Team Member KYC/AML:
We will increase ICO project team member’s transparency by providing ICO project team member’s KYC/AML on ICOVO website in a centralized method.
+ Visualize Activity Situation: We will increase project transparency by quantifying social media activity and GitHub updates on ICOVO’s website.

Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation
Create a better investment environment and reduce barriers to ICO participation by unifying the investment process and the format for information disclosure.

+ Implementing Local Wallet: Implementing a safe local wallet in ICOVO's original ICO-specialized smartphone app, the ICOVO App, helps with understanding the participation process for complicated token sales and managing tokens.
+ Unifying Formats
ICO project pages and summaries of whitepapers on ICOVO’s website presents information consicely, making it easier to understand for investors. Accessibility is enhanced by offering a summary of all the projects using the same format.
+ Reducing labor for KYC
Eliminate the need for ICO investors to do KYC each time they invest. When they participate in ICO project token sales on the ICOVO App, they perform KYC only once as ICOVO will share the information with the ICO project founders.

Increase Project Durability
Sustain project founders' motivation for product release and increase project durability by introducing a system in which project founders can only withdraw tokens according to their investment demand milestone.

+ Fund acquisition≠Goal: By introducing a system of original smart contracts implementing DAICOVO in which funds can only be withdrawn according to a project’s pre-loaded schedule by Tap (set an amount that can be withdrawn per unit of time), motivation to finish the project founders.

Service Overview and Organization

ICOVO is the world’s first and only ICO platform that can actualize healthy ICOs. The core of its service is the DAICOVO smart contract, which is based on the concept of DAICO, which was advocated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in January 2018.

Each country’s government is advancing regulation in order to create a healthy environment for ICOs, but this is difficult to achieve for borderless ICOs using only centralized regulation.
We will solve fraud and decrease in project motivation – the problems raised by ICOs – through the decentralized approach of DAICO.

With the mission of having all ICOs use DAICO, we will develop and open source DAICOVO, which is aligned with the thinking behind DAICO.

In addition, we will issue OVO tokens, which will be specialized as a currency for procuring ICO investments.

Ethereum, which has a high distribution amount and is universal, is currently used as the main currency for procurement, but we will provide benefits for ICO investors for using OVO for participating in projects on the ICOVO platform.

OVO is the world’s only token specialized for ICO fund procurement. Its value increases the more sound ICOs are undertaken on the ICOVO platform, so OVO will serve as a symbol and index of the health of the ICO environment.

In addition to creating a healthy ICO environment with DAICOVO and OVO as its core, ICOVO has as its mission to expand the range of ICO investors and the ICO market itself. ICOVO will solve problems by eliminating barriers to the process of participating in ICOs so that anyone can easily participate. They will be solved through providing ICOVO App (iOS/Android), which integrates the world’s only wallet optimized for ICOs, and ICOVO Web, which will increase usability when participating in ICOs through personal computers.

Through the provision of its four services – DAICOVO, OVO, ICOVO App, and ICOVO Web – ICOVO will build an ecosystem for reliable blockchain-related startups.

DAICOVO: Smart contracts implementing the DAICO model

In addition to the functions required by ICO project founders such as issuing, selling, and managing unique tokens, DAICOVO offers smart contracts optimized for ICOs adopting the DAICO model. For ICO project founders who use DAICOVO to do their ICO on ICOVO Web, all of the required work, including token design, DAICOVO parameter setting, compilation, and deployment, is free. We plan to release DAICOVO as open source.

Proposed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on January 6, 2018, a DAICO is a model that uses decentralized methods to prevent planners from dishonestly using funds raised through an ICO. In ICOs using tokens that conform to the ERC20 standard, smart contracts are used to limit the amount of funds raised that project founders can withdraw per unit of time, and if the project is canceled for whatever reason, the remaining funds can be returned to the ICO investors if a consensus is reached

ICOVO App: A smartphone app featuring a wallet optimized for ICOs

ICOVO's iOS/Android features a multi-token multi-account wallet compatible with ETH and ERC20 tokens based on the safe private wallet, Wallet format with the purpose of enhancing security by storing the private key only in the mobile device not online, that has been released and is already in use by many, Tachyon, developed from scratch by our CTO Nishimura.

ICOVO App have the one stop solution for investors and project founders. Project founder don't need to develop it anymore.

ICOVO App also have dashboard features,KYC/AML,Whitelist registration, Whitepaper viewer,ICO project list integrates with ICOVO Web and Photo ID uploader.

Furthermore it include DAICOVO user interface and has the interface for Decentralized Exchange(DEX) where users can trade their tokens.

ICOVO Web: An ICO listing site with thorough ICO investor protections

ICOVO Web is a website for ICO project founders to list their ICOs for investors. It thoroughly protects ICO investors and lists only ICO projects that comply with ICOVO requirements. The criteria for listing on ICOVO are the utilization of DAICOVO, planner KYC/AML as required by ICOVO, and disclosure of the progress of the project.

The biggest feature is whitepaper versioning using IPFS. All the whitepapers of ICO projects listed on ICOVO Web are managed by IPFS and Block chain. Whitepaper versioning through IPFS storage and block chain makes it impossible to tamper with whitepapers later on. This means that even if investors fail to download the whitepaper before the ICO or lose it, they can always verify whether the project is proceeding according to the original whitepaper, and if it is not, they can draft and vote to have their money refunded.

The KYC required by ICOVO, which includes passport-based ID verification and AML, applies not only to the investors but also to the ICO project founders. Furthermore, in order to increase the transparency of ICO project activity, ICOVO shares the state of progress on the project by quantifying and displaying the project's use of GitHub, social media, and other major tools.

ICOVO also requires a uniform format for certain essential whitepaper items so that each ICO project planner's whitepaper can be read in a unified format. The ICOVO App is synchronized with the ICO list information and bookmark function so that ICO investors can achieve participation all in one place.

We also provide ICO project founders with a white-label dashboard for investors including a referral program, airdrop program, KYC/AML and more.

Token and Token Sale

ICOVO will issue its own token—OVO (OH-vo)—that can be used on our ICO platform ICOVO. OVO has some utility functions. ICO investors can purchase ICO project tokens at a 25% discount compared to purchasing with ETH. It can also be used to pay for co-working spaces and other services ICOVO provides. Moreover, OVO can be used to exercise voting rights for raising the Tap (amount that can be withdrawn per second) or returning a procured funds back to the investors. The OVO token does not possess the functionality of assets such as securities, and its distribution is not linked to ICOVO’s profits



More information


Author: haudhv