Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform

Imagine that you are watching a film, on any screen, based on a true story and that you are interested in details about those true events. Imagine that you are watching a music video and you want to know where the artist is on tour and where to buy tickets for their concert. Imagine you want to quickly get to the recipe that chef is preparing on your favorite cooking show. If you are a person who believes that this information should be easy to access, you are thinking like Beyond Seen Screen.

Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your mobile device to your video content and get the information you want. It is that simple.

+ Entertainment and information: Effortless access to content related games, bloopers, interviews, VR/AR experience, etc. Enrich live content on second screen with scoreboards, replays, polls, etc.
+ Seamless shopping: Products and services from the video content are available for direct online shopping.
+ Unleash creativity: Receive token reward from platform for contributing high quality content for others to enjoy.
+ Permission marketing: Engage your viewers through permission marketing and personalization, increase your marketing effectiveness and generate new revenue streams.


Transactions that Beyond Seen Screen will record on the public blockchain are the transactions of when interaction occurs from the platform to the viewer. It is the inability to alter this data by using the public blockchain that Beyond Seen Screen will use to aid its business transparency. Content providers who utilize Beyond Seen Screen services will never need to question if the views delivered by the Beyond Seen Screen App actually happened. Blockchain will allow them to verify and trust this data themselves.


Beyond Seen Screen enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get in depth information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your smartphone to your video content and get the information you want.

Scan the video: Focus your smartphone to the video content and let the app scan it.

BSS recognizes the video: Beyond Seen Screen platform processes the digital footprint of the video and recognizes what video it is.

Get additional info: Information related to the recognized video are sent back and displayed in the app.


BSSX is a utility token of the BSS platform. Main use of the token is paying for platform use and rewarding contributions to the platform.

Name: BSSX
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 340.050.000 BSSX
Soft cap: 2.000 ETH
Hard cap: 18.000 ETH
Currency accepted: ETH
Minimum participation: 0.1 ETH
Crowdsale starts: Q2 2018
Crowdsale ends: Q2 2018


Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform that allows you to effortlessly get Elements related to the video content you are watching. You no longer have to manually search for that information. Buying products seen in the video becomes a simple process. You just start the BSS app on your mobile device and use it to scan the video you are watching. The BSS platform recognizes the video and provides you with the Elements you were looking for.

When watching movies, people enjoy the story, characters, visuals, effects, and music. Sometimes while watching they see an actor that is so familiar, but cannot recognize from where? That song, it is catchy tune but who is the composer? What is the title of that song? The story? Was it based on true events? Can we get more information about it? The lead actor’s watch? Where can it be found?

By using Beyond Seen Screen, a content creator or advertiser can provide Elements to answer all of these questions and even more to the end user. This can all be accessed by the Beyond Seen Screen app on their personal device.

Music fans love to get their hands on the new album from their favorite artists. When a new music video is premiered it gives the first glimpse of the new album and makes the fans thirsty for more.

When using the Beyond Seen Screen app, the fans can scan the music video and be automatically directed to buy the new album or buy tickets for the upcoming concert tour.

With Beyond Seen Screen you can access more information in the most intuitive way possible.

Production companies can provide Elements, such as links to different behind the scenes footage, as well as trailers for other new and exciting documentaries. All of these Elements can be made easily accessible through Beyond Seen Screen platform.

Sometimes when you see commercials, you see something you would like to have.

Typically, you need to manually surf the web to find where to buy the product or use an online retailer. With the Beyond Seen Screen app, that experience can now be a streamlined experience, allowing you to directly purchase the product through the app

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality
Content creators can prepare a Virtual or Augmented Reality experience and can use the Beyond Seen Screen app to direct you to that experience.

By scanning the video with Beyond Seen Screen app, you can get a link to a VR/AR app that augments the content you are watching and immerses you into another dimension of video watching experience. Imagine watching a documentary about extreme sports and being directed to a wingsuit Virtual Reality game to play. Imagine watching a futuristic movie and being directed to an Augmented Reality app that can show you an enhanced experience.








What is Egretia ICO - The Blockchain For HTML5

Egretia joins hands with Egret Technology who has spent four years focusing on HTML5 workflow development. This workflow includes over 10 products, has reached more than 200,000 developers worldwide. Furthermore, the content powered by this workflow has covered 1 billion mobile terminals.

Egretia integrates Egret’s proven workflow into its blockchain interface layer, thus all HTML5 games have access to the world's first complete blockchain development suite. Furthermore, this interface framework, not only supports Egretia’s own public chain, but also can be extended to support Ethereum, EOS and other public chains in the future.

The Egretia platform includes a blockchain-based development workflow, four core platforms and an incubator, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitating a complete ecosystem.


HTML5 technology is used by such giants as Google and Facebook, in addition to the Internet industry, it covers many other areas of the IT industry: mobile games, marketing, etc.

HTML5 solves the performance and compatibility issues common in the gaming industry. However, the technology has several weaknesses, namely: the lack of a secure method for making payments. Also, there is no safe way to store user data. The technology needs changes that will ensure the possibility of a single payment function and protection of intellectual property built on the basis of HTML5.

The team of the Egretia platform founded Egretia Blockchain Lab, with the goal of creating an HTML5 ecosystem based on a blockbuster. The laboratory, for 4 years, created a set of tools for developing content based on HTML5. Thanks to the work done, users have the opportunity to create high-quality game products, conduct their testing, integrate them into the block system and monetize.

Joining the blockbuster and HTML5 into one ecosystem will provide the following features:
  • Transfer of ownership rights to game items, assets and the game character from developer to user;
  • Improving the quality of games, due to increased competition among developers;
  • Integration of micro-payment mechanisms;
  • Moving of digital assets of the user between various game projects;
  • Development of cost-effective gaming systems;
  • Security and protection against fraud.

How it works

HTML5 is an evolved HTML language. Today it is supported by all the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

HTML5 was able to solve the problem of the difference between programming languages ​​and platforms. Previously, developers had to learn a new language before creating products based on it. The synchronization process in HTML5 has made the process of creating games more simple than ever.

Users also got a lot of benefits. Previously, there was a problem of device dependency, i.e. if the game was written for the web browser interface, then users could not play it on the tablet. Using HTML5, they can easily play games on mobile devices, desktop computers or tablets.

On the platform, there are already more than 200 million users. And for each of them, the developers of Egretia plan to create a single encrypted passport, which will ensure security within the exchange of game assets and the uniqueness of the participants in the ecosystem.

The user will have access to a digital wallet, which acts as a secure platform for all block-based applications built on the basis of HTML5. At the moment, already developed, mobile, browser and PC version of the purse.

Project advantages

Self-developed public network
The block chain is built on a delegated agreed consensus agreement, whose task is to optimize, improve the performance of games on HTML5. The blockbuster interface, in conjunction with Egretia tools, will allow developers to quickly create DApps applications. In addition, the ecosystem, in addition to its own public network Egretia, will be able to support Ethereum, EOS and other public networks in the future.

High performance
In order to improve performance, the Egretia network will use parallel processing power, with the help of which the network will support high speed of transactions.

HTML5 architecture
Thanks to the DPoS mechanism, the network will allow for more than 2,000 transactions per second on the test version of the platform. In the future, the number of transactions can be increased, in accordance with the needs of users.

Efficient and convenient set of tools
Tools developed by Egretia, will be the foundation of the project, with their help the development of applications should be greatly simplified.

Platform token Egretia
The ecosystem will work on the Egreten token. Token will be the basis for safe and effective trade in the gaming world between users. Token will be unified and it is planned to use it simultaneously in various gaming projects.

Egretia Ecosystem

Based on the quantity of content provided by heron Engine that has coated many countless users, Egretia can produce one encrypted passport for every user, which can make sure the security, distinctive and safe for scheme participants.

Provides users with a high-security digital pocketbook, that is a secure payment platform for all Blockchain HTML5 applications.

Creates tokens currently in HTML5 comes round the world: Egretia. Because of the transparency and unchangingness of the blockchain , in addition, because the distinctive passport of every user, throughout the content system designed by Egretia, Egretia will accurately describe users, build systems Credit and users will firmly communicate with different users within the world in Egretia, create friends and exchange virtual property, etc.

Building a property and effective scheme for the user.

Technically, Egretia can have some improvements:
The blockchain operate is meant within the kind, integrated into the heron Engine and front-end development tools, as well as over two hundred,000 developers. Bring Egreten token into many thousands of games and applications, as well as over one billion users round the world.

About operational the system:
Egretia includes a foremost team of game distributors and applications through the present heron play platform with forty million monthly active users, operational content that integrates the token request system . Egretia to confirm the worldwide circulation of Egretia.
Egretia includes a well-established advertising platform to advertise games and merchandise supported Egreten with strategic partners like Facebook and Google.

Egretia Token
The Egretia Token is employed throughout the system and in the following cases:**
Developers use well-built tools + SDK to quickly develop merchandise that uses Egretia token as a payment medium.
Users will use Egreten to shop for in-game things, get hold of content, and so on
Users will use Egreten to participate in lotteries, discounts and alternative promotions on Egretia round the world.
The user will gain Egretiaas a bequest through taking part within the crowdfunding of the sport on Egretia.
Developers, content publishers will use Egreten to advertise on Egretia ads.
Distributors will receive Egretia through the distribution of content, advertising, etc.
Egretia electronic billfold is formed supported the user’s distinctive passport, to firmly store user’s virtual assets, crowdfunding rewards, platform rewards, etc.

  • Virtual quality dealing Platform. Provides platform that enables players to make games on Egretia that may change digital assets.
  • Advertising Platform: Build an advertisement management system supported blockchain-based games, good contracts, and electronic payments.
  • Platform Game: Players will play games on this platform, the platform uses the proof of game (POG) mechanism to reward players for electronic cash likewise as share it with you.
  • Egretia Incubator: can support the sport development team on the platform of Egretia. Bridge between players and development team.
  • Storage platform: By mistreatment blockchain technology, it permits to store all the information within the game fully distributed.
  • Game Development Platform: HTML5 Game Development software system on the primary blockchain.

Egretia is anticipated to develop and run on its own blockhain network, in addition as be integrated with different blockchains like Greek deity, ETH, etc. a number of the core options of the Egretia network

  • Consensus protocol: Dpos (delegated proof of stake) like Bitshare, EOS
  • Speed: over 2000 tps
  • Activity: modification the Egretia network parameters like block creation time, block size, dealings fees through balloting.
  • Efficient development toolkit: Supports several programming languages: Javascript, typescript, HTML, CSS, Node.JS, Go, C ++, C #

Egretia Team

Egretia Blockchain Lab, with core members from Qualcomm, Adobe, Microsoft, etc., as well as experts in blockchain field, is devoted to combining blockchain technology with Egret's leading HTML5 engine and tool technologies, aiming for applying blockchain to vertical industries.
Peter Huang
Serial entrepreneur, used to be technical manager of Adobe Flash Platform, has 18 years of development and management experience in internet application and game project.

Dirk Meyer

Sr. Program Manager, Digital Media BU PMO at Adobe, with more than 20 years of experience in global project management. Made impactful contributions to Adobe's strategic business plan and innovative programs. He is a blockchain technology advocate and investor.

Yin Ma
Compiler and toolchain expert, entrepreneur. Qualcomm senior staff engineer, his own business focused on software and solutions consulting. He has accumulated nearly two decades of experience in a variety of operating system platform compiler development. Worked in Microsoft, Absoft, etc. Created fastest Fortran compilers for Intel/AMD while working in Absoft as director of compiler development.

Ross Przybylski
A passionate game industry veteran. With more than 15 years of experience in software development and 10 years of experience in game development, focusing on developing great games

In addition to the above members, the Egretia Blockchain Lab also has experts from other industries around the world. We would also like to welcome more like-minded friends to join the blockchain laboratory, promoting the development of the industry.

Egretia token

  • Token Supply: 8,000,000,000 Egreten
  • Token Sale Event: Up to 39%
  • Foundation: 27%
  • Marketing & Business Partners: 14%
  • Team, Contributors & Advisors: 20%
  • Softcap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles)+ 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)

Public Sale KYC/AML Required

  • Public Period: May 26, 2018, 8am CST - 
  • May 30, 2018, 8am CST
  • Cap: 10,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles) 
  • + 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)
  • Rate: 1ETH=70,000 EGT
  • Min Contributions: 0.1 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 3 ETH
  • No Lockup Period
Before and during the token sale, contributions via a referral link in tokeneed is in effect. ABT(Arcblock) and CMT(CyberMiles) contribution requirements will be announced before Token Sale.
Token Release: 6 weeks after token contribution completes.
Can't Participate: China, USA


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Author: HauDHV

The ARAW token is to be a part of everyone’s day-to-day online & in-store shopping

With the ARAW token, ARAW have especially built up the ARAW stage to change the micropayments business while addressing the requirements of customers and additionally make the business more achievable. The accomplished and equipped group, while making ARAW token, received the true abilities of cutting edge advancements to build up a moment and secure method for making micropayment by our taking an interest traders.

The innovation behind the ARAW token micropayment components is better than a significant number of the digital forms of money in the micropayments business. The mix of these mechanical arrangements on ARAW token stage allows our clients, The ARAW Token holders or taking an interest dealers to make miniaturized scale exchanges at a fast; with a considerable measure of promising astounding material advantages and of a little size with a little exchange expense (under 0.5% of the aggregate exchange).

Completed utilizing the ARAW Tokens, the micropayments business has officially fabricated an unmistakable financial branch in the worldwide crypto-space. Enlivened by the ARAW Token Platform, this advancement is presently a cutting edge period for some E-trade stores as it empowers a critical development in proficiency and adequacy of adapting the retail and E-business stores.

Objectives Of ARAW

Provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain regulated by the ARAW token.
Create a Consumers driven floating ecosystem.
Create a Transparent ecosystem that can be used by regular customers across the world; and hence, increase the adoption rate of the ARAW token, the Blockchain based cryptocurrency.

The Existing Araw Platform

We are in a one-of-a-kind position to be at the very forefront of the omni-channel loyalty economy.
The existing Araw platform, Araw UK Ltd. was founded in 2016. This platform has been implemented using virtual tokens without blockchain support. We provide our client businesses with services such as

+ Customer analytics: keep track of loyal customers, their points and redemptions in real time.
+ Customer insight dashboard: connect in real time to the customer information and turn those insights into more sales and customer loyalty.
+ Business branded loyalty card
+ Increase revenues with new and loyal customers: Engage and reward your customers.
+ Know your customers better and bring them back to your business: Distinguish between dormant and loyal customers and send right offer to right customers.
+ In-store marketing: we provide in-store marketing material to promote digital loyalty program among customers.

Building on our expertise in rewards and loyalty programmes, we are going a step further to launch a unifying reward ecosystem that employs the blockchain technology as a backbone and a fully unified medium of exchange.

The Customer App
The Customer app is targeted towards our merchants/retailers’ daily customers to allow business to keep in touch with their customers and build a meaningful relationship with them. The benefits of using this application are:
  • Earn and redeem rewards from their favourite businesses.
  • Discover incredible rewards from thousands of near-by businesses.
  • Time to time one-off unbeatable deals from various retailers
The Business App
The Business App is mainly used by our merchants/retailers to operate requests made from customer app. The main use cases for business app are;
  • Connect with customers for a relationship that endures.
  • Give customers more personalized experiences - both in and out of store - and see your revenue double from returning customers.
Customers Insight Dashboard
Customers insight dashboard gives our merchants/retailers detailed statistics about their regular/dormant customer base. We provide detailed insight of customer stats so that they can plan for their short and long term business goals. Moreover, retailers can understand customer behavior and communicate with them to get them back to their business.

Track Record
ARAW UK Ltd currently administers customer rewards programs for several businesses in the UK. We expect all of our businesses to upgrade from their traditional points system to ARAW tokens. We intend to provide full-time support during this upgrade process offering consultation and training on how to use our technology effectively within their business.

The ARAW Token Ecosystem

The Araw Ecosystem was carefully designed from the beginning as a supportive sphere in which users can be confident in their trades on the Blockchain. To capture a variety of users, we have provided an ecosystem platform that is scalable and effective, yet simple over the Ethereum Blockchain, where customers and brands can interact without restrictions in a dependable, trustless, and mutually beneficial manner.

Araw Pay

Araw Pay will be an open widget to accept payments in ARAW tokens and can be used by any merchants anywhere online just like any other payment gateway providers. We aim to provide seamless Araw pay solutions in Araw mobile & web wallet, open API platform, and Araw e-commerce marketplace.

On-chain vs Off-chain Transactions: The Araw platform acts as a mediator between the raiden network to handle off-chain transactions & the crypto exchanges to manage on-chain transactions. The liquidity smart contract will be responsible for handling off-chain transactions in decentralized way.

E-commerce Marketplace

We aim to meet the need of every consumer, every merchant and every business no matter their location through our distributed ledger system. Our e-commerce market place gives you instant access to the global audience, removes transaction overhead (management and fees) and ensures they are secure and frictionless through our Ethereum blockchain based ERC20 tokens and smart contract implementation.

Araw Card - Touch & Pay

Araw—Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments at coffee shops, supermarkets and day-to-day online shopping. It contains radio-frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with card reader to enable contactless payments. With the release of Araw Card, we are expecting to raise adoption of the Araw platform by regular customers.

Open API Platform

With ARAW Token Open API Platform, users do not need to know any form of programming code or language to make use of the system. It is structured to be utilised out of the box.

Our Open API ensures that merchants that are not ARAW platform customers will have access to and participate in different transactions on ARAW token platform. You can make payments, exchange and purchase ARAW tokens using our web wallets or use the ARAW token mobile app.

Banking System Integration

With seamless banking system integrated in the Araw Platform, Customers will be able to buy ARAW tokens using linked bank accounts. They will also be able to exchange ARAW tokens with fiat and send cashback to linked accounts

Araw Mobile Wallet

The seamless integration of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and cryptocurrency Exchanges will enable Araw Platform users to;
  • Top-up ARAW Tokens with a click of a button
  • Send and Receive ARAW tokens
  • Exchange ARAW tokens with any other crypto currencies like ETH and BTC
  • Exchange ARAW Token with fiat currency and get cashback
The ARAW mobile wallet continuously connected to Cryptocurrency Exchanges maintains the live exchange rate of the ARAW token and other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Integration

Araw platform integration with cryptocurrency exchanges would allow users to exchange ARAW tokens with other cryptocurrencies (like ETH and BTC). Users of the platform can also convert from one cryptocurrency to the other and from cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

Unified Reward System

With the various offerings of the ARAW Platform, we are set to unseal the current limitations found in traditional customer loyalty programmes and hasten the development of a more cooperative, unified, and competitive customer reward industry. We aim to replace the traditional restrictive reward points system used by typical commerce companies with a blockchain based dynamic currency that increases participation and interaction between customers and services. We have the unprecedented opportunity to unlock the full potential of rewards programmes by combining all sales entities — pooling together a limitless customer base and rewards on offer.

  • Consumer makes a purchase from Merchant-1 using fiat currency
  • Transactions registered into Araw Platform
  • Consumer rewarded an ARAW tokens
  • Consumer redeems these ARAW tokens to purchase items from Merchant-2
  • Transactions registered into Araw Platform

Token Sale

  • Ticker: ARAW
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO token price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
  • Total tokens: 5,000,000,000
  • Available for token sale: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
  • Whitelist: YES (15 May – 30 June)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Pre-sale
  • start date: 1 JULY
  • Public sale start date: TBD
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Accepts: ETH


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Author: haudhv

Review The HAI ICO - The Best ICO 2018

The HAI Project is the culmination of a research made by a team fully dedicated, creating an advanced solution to the main issues our team spotted. The world has been changing with an unprecedent growth in most of the industries but such an immeasurable growth creates some issues.

HAI Project is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence that combines three important sectors that govern our economic environment even though we can not see it very clear.

The ultimate goal of HAI is to provide the opportunity for small business owners to compete with large companies with millions of dollars  destined to market research and marketing, have the opportunity to do  profitable commerce and ultimately protect themselves and their businesses  from criminals around the world.

Creating powerful Hybrid-AIs combined with ecofriendly  infrastructure has no limit, providing an opportunity to  operate this HAI system through the use of block chain technology  (Token ERC20 & Smart Contract) all users with HAI tokens will be able  to benefit from the project.

HAI: Tokens

The HAI Project was born thinking about the solving issues that are nobody was able to solve the problems of bigger and bigger.
Artificial Intelligence is the solution, creating a system capable of outrunning thousands of humans in just a fraction of an hour, saving thousands of hours and more important, saving money, a lot.

A HAI token is meant to represent a percentage of the actual network power, allowing an user to use the HAI Project’s team which will lock up tokens AI (a guide will be provided) and receive reports for that data.

At the very beginning the HAI tokens will be issued using the Ethereum Platform, creating 70,000,000 HAI. Once the ICO is over and the main block chain is launched a token swap is planned, migrating to an independent network with no congestions, big fees or scalability problems.

Many AI systems are owned by big companies; HAI Project is meant to be owned by the people and aims to become the first public AI service at anyone’s disposal using as computing power as described above.

The implementation of the token tokens according to Pre-ICO and ICO orders at the rates specified below.There is a token hard cap of 100 MILLION HAI tokens
Token Name: HAI Token
Symbol: HAI
Soft Cap: 5,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH
Price: 0.2 and 0.25 depending on the token sale phase and ETH price
Accepted currency: ETH
Min. Contribution Size: 0.1 ETH

Token Supply & Sale

In order to make HAI Project a reality a Soft-Cap of 3,500 ETH is set and the maximum amount required is 25,000 ETH; thus providing a stable economical foundation for research and development with a full funds disclosure.

The whole token sale will be divided into 3 phases: Pre-ICO, ICO Phase 1 & ICO Phase 2.
The Pre-ICO will help us to measure the attention acquired by the project and mostly for funding the ICO, including: Promo Ads, Strategic Recruitment and Meet-Up costs to increase the potential investors. The start date of the Pre-ICO is April 30th lasting 14 days in order to allow investors to read about the project and determine if they want to participate in this journey.

Once the Pre-ICO phase is over, strategic ads will be issued and the ICO Phase 1 will start at a higher price (25% increase from the previous phase), possible meetups will occur in several places around the world, this stage will last 15 days or until it is sold out starting at May 14th.

The last stage of the ICO is the Phase 2 from May 28th until June 11th, at the same price as the Phase 1, it is needed in order to allow investors to buy their tokens as massive support from crowds is expected therefore a high volume in transactions too.

Features of HAI Project

Traditional AI systems are very expensive and not available to normal users, with HAI game changes, providing a cheap and powerful AI capable of:

+ Market Predictions:
In order to have a successful trading experience, hours or even days research is needed to decide when trade, normal people do not have
that time, you do not have that time.
HAI does heavy lifting so you can spend time doing what you really love, but if you are deep into HAI market research can help you make better decisions, 1 HAI and 1 brain is better than just brains.

+ Hunting Threats
Attackers become smarter and increase the complexity of their tools, it is HAI that will protect you and even your business these criminals, using threat hunting, malware analysis, and behavioral analysis techniques.

+ Business
Intelligence Decisioning can help small businesses to increase their sales by providing a robust analysis of possible scenarios, market research and product development.
Just because we do not start with a lot of resources, that does not mean we can not do it competing with bigger competitors, HAI provides cheap research and decision making a helper platform for you and your ideas.

HAIper Use Cases

Threat Hunting
Allows HAI to perform threat hunting all over the internet using key AI functionalities to learn and identify threats such as malware, fake websites, scams and add them to the HAI’s own threat vault creating reports and finding solutions to block them.

Network Watchdog
Once a business gets bigger it needs to deal with bigger problems, such as malware attacks like ransomware, espionage or event inside attacks from any employee that’s why HAI can be the main wall to prevent it without costing a fortune and being easy to install inside the network keeping the data secure without sacrificing privacy as not a single bit of information will be redirected to HAI’s main network.

Market Prediction
Financial sector and cryptocurrencies can be pretty volatile and nobody knows exactly how the price of a stock/currency react but a prediction can be made by HAI, taking into consideration hundreds of thousands of different variables, and it is a fact that AI can predict the market better than humans or even hedge funds, allowing anyone to take a successful trade based on the results of HAI.

Marketing Strategies
Small and Medium sized businesses often can’t compete against bigger companies that rule a market this is because of limited resources with HAI this ends now, creating a complex solution easy to use allowing a business to identify the key differentiators between products and different facts that help a marketing campaign to be viral and successful.

Business Research
Same as the previous case it is pretty hard for a business to survive in its early stages as at least 70% of startups fail to continue for more than 5 years, HAI Project aims to change that, providing business strategy reports, business predictions and more, taking into consideration every detail with just a tiny bit of information as HAI can do a research on the internet and learn by itself about any industry/company.

A thousand more
HAIper is not an obstacle for HAI as it will allow users to fill options as they wish and the AI behind it will be able to understand the main objectives with a supervised learning and conclusions by our AI experts team.

HAIper Platform

High-End Toolset
Our dashboard platform and smart contracts are fully functional using C# (high level programming language) so won’t have to deal with a buggy interface

Easy to Use
With instructions among the way and a 24/7 support you will use HAI for everything!

HAI is made with hundreds of options so your research or task can be fully understood by the system and you can create your own options!

Fast & Low-cost
The main purpose of creating HAI is to use the power of AI in order to get results in no time at a low monetary cost, saving you & business owners thousands

Lending HAI Tokens

In order to attract HAI holders a Smart-Contract platform is going to be released allowing users to lend their HAI tokens to other users who want to use HAI for personal/business inquires.
The lending percentage goes up to 10% of total value of the tokens lend, the value of each HAI token will be retrieved from the exchange with the most volume in order to take liquidity as a factor.

The profit from the lending program gets released at the same time as the HAI tokens.
Each Smart-Contract created from our platform will be different being adapted to the requirements from each user, referring to: Duration, Amount of HAI required, Option to expand either duration or/and amount required, lend with buy option and so on.
The customization comes from both sides of the application, the previous was from the buyer’s point of view, as for the tokens provider the customization comes with the lending preferences for example the desired lending rate, the lending process duration, option to sell, option to extend the lending time and more options.

The purpose of this feature is to provide big companies the ability to use HAI’s computing power without the need of buying or selling HAI tokens destabilizing the market plus allowing the HAI holders to get a revenue stream just by owning HAI tokens and providing them in the lending program.

Technical Point-of-View

The technical implementation for the whole HAI Project (including AI system and Contract Creation Platform) will use a combination of multiple programming languages and services, as for the threat hunting and data learning from cyber security public services like Shodan and HIBP will be used to gather massive information.

In order to create the HAI’s main system Python, Lisp and Prolog are going to be used for the structure of the artificial intelligence, each will provide:

Using some of the most powerful programming languages is the key to provide a high-end effective HAI system, capable of fulfilling all the features specified above, time is the only thing our team needs to unify the 3 main cores of HAI.

How does the HAI Ecosystem work?

The Ecosystem depends on 3 key parts, the backend HAI system powered by a green facility housing computing power and main hosting plant. HAIper a platform designed to allow users to interact with HAI and set the different options desired in order to make HAI generate reports, strategies or perform an active activity such as network firewall or threat hunting and the last key part of the ecosystem are the HAI tokens, required to interact with HAIper by using the blockchain technology of ETH called Smart Contracts which are a key part of the lending program too, each HAI token represents a direct relationship with HAI’s computing power with the fully HAI tokens supply representing it.

Smart Contracts Platform

Once the HAI’s main system is released we will perform some beta testing and finally release our platform for lending and use of HAI, this platform will be hosted online as a website with enough resources to provide a user-friendly interface.
As for the development our team has the experience with smart contracts and PHP among with frameworks such as Laravel.
Our development would not take long but it will require a few beta tests to prevent any bugs or malicious activity within our platform.

Business Plan

In order to accomplish everything described in this document it is required to proceed with a very careful methodology of how things are going to be done.

In other words, an agenda is needed so the project can fulfill all the goals defined in the roadmap within the timeframe specified, going as the following.

The previous are the main events planned for the development timeline, a more detailed list will be provided in the AMAs done in the following months.


More Infomations


Author: haudhv

Gigtricks A blockchain based ecosystem, inclined on maximizing trust

Gigtricks is a conquest to success gigtricks 360 ecosystem. A blockchain based ecosystem, inclined on maximizing trust in the on-demand community.
GigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers on a global scale. It will act as a mechanism to connect worldwide professionals to trade services between each other by using GigBit token.
GigTricks Pro is a global platform for professionals to showcase their professional profiles that are verified under the GigTricks blockchain. It offers profile diversity by displaying individual skill rating.
GigTricks Learning is the global online center of excellence where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the in-demand skills to enhance their business and professional profiles for an added accomplishment.
GigTricks Social is focused on increasing the level of engagement among ecosystem participants; enabling users to follow, message, and share information. It encourages community members to socialize for a purpose.
GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) will provide sellers with an opportunity to increase their sales revenue in the physical world. The sales and reviews generated will be recorded under the blockchain.

In GigTricks view the freelance and on–demand economy are lacking the principle standards to form a trusting business relationship between clients and freelancers. To solve this problem, CigTricks will be seeking to build a blockchain–based ecosystem to increase transparency, trust, and reliability among platform participants. Every action, including reviews and skill ratings, will be verified by the platform participants within the immutable blockchain.

As such, nothing can be forged within the ecosystem. CigTricks objective is to create the worlds first 3G freelance and on–demand ecosystem which will be trusted by a community of millions. Ultimately, the CigTricks platform aims to help in the fight against global recession by creating extensive opportunities for talented individuals so that they can simply find the gigs, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs resulting in a true economic growth.

GigTricks is seeking to incorporate unique functionalities, such as a blockchain–based Point of Sale (PoS) device, which enables freelancers to conduct their business ouline. Additionally, CigTricks Pro aims to empower talented individuals by showcasing their verified online profiles. Existing CigTricks marketplace allows both startups and established enterprises access to top talent who have authenticated credentials and can be hired in a matter of seconds. Each component of our ecosystem,..., the CigTricks Marketplace, Pro, Social, Learning, and PoS, aims to leverage each other to provide maximum integrated benefit to the global communities.

CigTricks Social aims to allow users to earn CigBit Tokens by publishing and/or viewing social content. The CigBit tokens can be used as a means of payment for additional skill tests in CigTricks Pro or to access premium services like CigTricks Learning which will seek to enable the user to learn additional skills.

Users will be able to view both the freelancers overall profile rating, their specific skill ratings, and reviews; this decreases the communication time between clients and freelancers by over. Moreover, if any dispute arises, CigTricks has implemented an incentivized voting system which increases trust and engagement. The global markets are expanding, and now businesses throughout the world are able to build, grow and scale their business in a much faster way.


  • Token name: GIgBit token
  • Token symbol: GBTC
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token type: erc20 token
  • Mincap: 5 million USD
  • Hardcap: 50 million USD
  • Token price: 1 GBTC = 0.24800 USD
  • Unsold tokens: will be destroyed
  • Key benefits: tradable utility tokens
  • Token distribution: immediately available

The GIgBit token (GBTC) is based on ER20 format and it works in the Ethereum nettwork because it will make it easily adoptable by the community and by the market. The Ethereum based token is a good solution for regular payments that are above small amounts such as $0.0001. GigTicks will utilize GigBit credits for micropayments to make them more cost-effective. The Gigbit credits are not tradable. They will be issued by the platform and can be converted to GigBit tokens only. The GigBit credits cannot be sent from one user to another, otr outside the platform.

This crypto token (GBTC) is intended to enable a means of payment across the ecosystem for its participants globally. The token can be used for: In-app transaction for unlocking products or services, Users subscriptions, Community rewards, Advertising, Royalty payments, and Freelancer tipping.

The token will also serve to equalize the playing field and set a benchmark for the services which will be provided.

GigTricks Bonus Scale!

These crypto utility tokens are put up for sale at a discounted rate during Private Sale, Pre-ITO, and ITO (Initial Token Offering). The Private Sale is LIVE and the GigBit Tokens (GBTC) are available at an unbeatable rate i.e. 1 GBTC with 75% discount is equivalent to $0.062.

Here’s the breakdown of the GBTC discount event and important date you must note down:

  • Private Sale-15th April to 15th May.
  • Pre-ITO-1st June to 30th June.
  • ITO-1st July to 30th August.
  • The token distribution will take place 21 days after ITO ends.
During the three phases of the special discount period. The discount throughout the sale period until the end of ITO on 30th August 2018 will keep changing. So let’s get started and see the discounted rates of GBTC so that you could leverage the most out of this sale period.

Private Sale-GBTC will available for sale for $0.062 i.e. 75% discount will be active throughout this one-month period.

Pre-ITO Power Hour-After Private Sale ends on 15th May, people will have another golden chance to avail 65% discount on GBTC during Pre-ITO Power Hour, as soon as Pre-ITO will start the power will be active and just as its name suggests it will remain active until one hour exactly. All requests will be entertained on first come first served basis. (1 GBTC = $0.08680)

Pre-ITO-Once Power Hour is ended, the normal pre-ITO will be live. On Day 1, the discount will be as high as 60% on GBTCs tokens i.e. 1 GBTC will be equivalent to $0.09920. On Day 2, 1 GBTC will be equivalent to $0.10664 and on Day 3, the discount active will be 55% i.e. 1 GBTC will be available for $0.11160. On Day 4 and onwards of Pre-ITO, GBTC will be available at $0.12400 i.e. 50% discount.

ITO-Here, Pre-ITO will end on 30th June 2018 and ITO will be live on 1st July 2018. The active discount will be 25%, 15%, 10%, 6%, 4% and 2% during week one through week 6. However, on week 7 and 8, the GBTC can only be purchased at the standard rate i.e. 1 GBTC will be equal to $0.24800.

So, that was all you need to know about the bonus scale of GigTricks ITO. Now be wise and contribute to have the most benefit out of this sale period.

Consume GigBit Tokens

The GBTC can be consumed in a number of methods within the ecosystem by members of the community. Some of these are listed below to help you get started with your GigTricks account and the tokens you acquire throughout your GigTricks experience.

GigTricks Marketplace
It is a platform bringing the freelance community together; here GigTricks virtual tokens can be used to trade services among members at GigTricks Marketplace. Moreover, clients can make payments using GBTC.

GigTricks Learning
At GigTricks Learning, you can find various courses that may help you polish your skills further. You can use GBTC to get access to these courses. Here, institutions globally can decide their curriculum and post courses and student can sign up for these courses using GigBit tokens.

GigTricks Pro
At GigTricks Pro, you can show off your profile and individual skills but in order for a particular skill to appear, taking skill tests is mandatory since GigTricks is building on core values to offer authenticity and verification under blockchain whatever tasks the community members perform. The skill test charges only a minimal fee and you can pay it via GBTC using PoS device.

Additionally, the GigBit token can also be consumed for advertisement. Through advertisement, sellers can market their products to reach more potential buyers, whereas freelancers can use advertisement to boost their profile and attract more clients or entrepreneurs to their profile.

As a whole, the GBT is the utility token to be used by the ecosystem participants of GigTricks and can be consumed anywhere within GigTricks Ecosystem. You can either buy services, create trust by tipping freelancers for their services, make in-app purchases, take video courses, access to subscription models, place ads or simply make payments using it.

Global Market Size

At present, industry sources are unable to give a definitive size of the global gig economy. As explained by the Brookings institution, "the sector²s size and growth have been diuicult to clarify and challenging to measure". The major reason behind the shortcoming is that Covernment data–gathering is not positioned euiciently to capture the gig economy, in part because it is conceptually complex and in part because the US government stopped counting "contingent workplace" arrangements aLer 2005. As a result, no comprehensive database exists on either employment in the gig economy or its geography.

A US congressional study faced similar hurdles. It stated that "characterizing the gig economy challenging along several fronts. To date, no large–scale ouicial data²G have been collected; and there remains considerable uncertainty about how to best measure this segment of the labor force…"

The GIGTRICKS ecosystem archtecture

The GigTricks ecosystem architecture has been designed to be highly scalable to ensure its flexibility. This simply means that the freelancers will be able to sell/market their products and/or services online or offline as a part of the ecosystem.

For example, a digital marketer could develop and also offer a course or sell a product or service on the GigTricks platform either online or offline (that is, in person). The freelancer can then recieve payment via the GigTricks crypto tokens named as the GigBit token (GBTC).

The GigTricks platform aims to make global adoption an effortless process.


GigTricks Marketplace
The existing CigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers across the globe. The buyers can hire professional freelancers for big or small projects. The CigTricks Marketplace will act as the mechanism to connect worldwide professionals to trade services between each other by using CigBit token.

GigTricks Learning
CigTricks Learning is intended to become the global online center of excellence where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the best skills to enhance their business and professional expertise for greater success. CigTricks Learning will form part of the CigTricks ecosystem. CigTricks Learning aims to be an open platform where mentors, instructors, teachers or experienced professionals can upload their course products which will be visible to a community of millions. Users can gain access to these courses using CigBit tokens. Whenever any user attends an online course, they will need to pass the exam in order in order to earn skills points which will be added to their CigTricks Pro profile.

GigTricks Pro
CigTricks Pro is intending to become a global platform for professionals to showcase their professional profiles/resumes verified under the CigTricks blockchain. CigTricks Pro will form part of the CigTricks ecosystem. This means that the professionals can showcase their profile and the details will be verified by CigTricks blockchain technology. In addition to this, clients can see the skills ratings that will later help them in their hiring process.

Currently, the other professional profile platforms have no verification mechanism which truly validates the skill mentioned in any profile.

In our view, CigTricks Pro opens a world of opportunities for many freelancers who may not have acquired an institutional degree from a verifiable university or college. However, this does not mean that they do not possess a top–rated skillset. CigTricks helps to solve this dilemma through the testing process.

Each time a professional add a skill to their CigTricks Pro profile, they will pay a small skill fee using CigBit Tokens. The fees per skill are kept to a minimum in order to encourage people to build their online blockchain based profiles. However, using a fee structure will strongly deter any spam or non–serious persons, thus drastically reducing the likelihood of onboarding low–quality freelancers.

GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS)
We aim to partner with institutions across 18◇ countries so that, for example, a student will be able to pay for their education via CigBit Tokens and by using the CigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) devices which are connected directly with CigTricks blockchain. ¦n principle, this means that every training institute in any country has the ability to run their curriculum on our platform with the course fees being paid via CigBit Tokens. This will give all training providers a chance to increase their sales revenue on a large scale.

We hope to be able to integrate the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc a form of payment using CigTricks PoS device. The CigTricks PoS will automatically convert these currencies, by using 3rd party exchanges, into CigBit tokens.

Why Review System In Blockchain

The most transparent product or service reviews are a global challenge as this has been manipulated in diuerent ways to the benefit of the product owners. Consequently, the buyer may struggle to find the best products or services and may have ended up with low–quality product or service with wasted time and money.

CigTricks authenticated review system will be based on the Hyperledger Fabric in which the review data will be stored within the permissioned blockchain which is immutable and through the use of technologies like IBM Watson and machine learning. CigTricks blockchain will seek to store and moderate all reviews in the most transparent way.

How GigTricks Work

When a user has diuerent roles across CigTricks multiple platforms, then the user will have access across the ecosystem as per the certificate authority which is saved in Hyperledger Fabric.

Access control
A user will be able to subscribe to one or more services within the CigTricks product or service ouerings. This system will enable users to initiate, renew, or cancel their subscriptions. Users can upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions at any time.

A user can subscribe to one or more services within the CigTricks product or service ouerings. This system will enable users to initiate, renew, or cancel their subscriptions. Users can upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions at any time

More Infomation


Author: HauDHV

LIGER will use the Ethereum Blockchain technology to develop its Ecosystem

Since the beginning of civilization, Betting and Wagering has always been a favorite pastime. Through a natural process of evolution, it is now a structured and very large Industry. Casinos are a great source of entertainment for mankind now. New games, shows, food and beverages add to the attraction of Casinos. With the advent of the Internet, Online Gaming and Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting have also taken on and are growing at a very fast clip.

LIGER seeks to use the ’tamper proof' Blockchain technology to bring the ’Trust factor' back between the Service Provider / Merchant and the Better. LIGER's objective is to make Betting safe, transparent and intermediary free. LIGER seeks to build a large community of Betters and Service Providers who use the LIGER Crypto currency for peer to peer transfer of content.

The LIGER functionalities are designed and enabled in such a way that establishes one to one contacts amongst the User, Service Provider and potential adopter. Each stakeholder gets rewarded through a series of authenticated online contractual obligations getting fulfilled.

LIGER will use the Ethereum Blockchain technology to develop its Ecosystem. Since the Blockchain technology is typically managed by peer-to-peer networking with each adhering to a protocol for validation of each fresh transaction, it provides for secure and instant transaction between the ’payee' and ’payer'. It also opens up possibilities of growing and sharing the bounty for every community member at each step of the Community and business growth through the unique Staking and Token Burning mechanism undertaken in the Liger Business Model.

LIGER as a Game changer. LIGER is here with best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games.
+ Place Instant BETS With Live Dealers And On Live Sports
+ Play “FOR” The Casino & Not Against By Liger’s Unique Staking Mechanism
+ LIGER COIN The Most Accepted Currency At Worldwide Offline Casinos


Total number of tokens: 2.7 billion (LIC)
Soft cap 4 million €
Hard cap 41 million €
Token price 1 LIC = 0.025 €
Token standard: ERC 20
PRE ICO: 18th April-16th June 40% Bonus
ICO 17th June-1st August Upto 25% Bonus
+ ICO Week – 01 25% Bonus
+ ICO Week – 02 15% Bonus
+ ICO Week – 03 10% Bonus


Every successful business has always created a differentiation through identifying the emerging trends proactively and developing the businesses in line with these trends.

Using the technological advancements to create differentiated products and services is the core of all successful ventures right from Alibaba to Microsoft to Apple. Creating compatibility and hence customer loyalty through a supportive ecosystem is the key.

True to our promise of decentralising the entire Gaming space, Liger provides the option to the Token holder to be on a side that he/she chooses.

Token Holders can use the Liger Tokens to play games across tied up/leased/Liger owned Casinos or stake their Tokens to the Casinos to be on the Casino's side.

With this initiative, Liger democratises the entire Gaming sphere. The Token holder is now assured of the ’Fairness of outcome' as he/she is free to choose to play for or against the Casino.

The Staking returns are computed on the Casino's profitability and distributed back to the Token holders that stake their tokens. There is no requirement of any physical presence of the Token holders in the Casinos and they can contribute their stakes through their handheld devices for the defined period. The quantity of staked Tokens is visible to the holder as ’Stake Funds' in his wallet.

The unique Staking mechanism allows the contributors to hold on to their Tokens and avoids the ’dumping' of Tokens in the market lending a stability to the Liger Token prices. It also aids the participants to make their Tokens work and provide them returns as they hold them generating constant liquidity and utility for the non-gamers that come into the ambit of Liger ICO contributors.

Liger helps the Token holders to always be on the Winning side – either by incentivising them if they are Gamers or by staking their Tokens in case they believe in the age-old dictum that the ’Casino always Wins'!

Liger uses the Blockchain technology to compute the stakes, prepare the reserve, pay- out for the Stakeholders. This gives the entire process the transparency it needs along with the speed that the SMART CONTRACTS offer.

Liger also provides the unique experience of being able to participate in Real time Casino tables from the confines of one's own space. Liger makes Offline Gaming Online for its Token Holder as they can bet through their smart phones and the same is integrated in the blockchain for him / her not only for betting, but also to experience the thrill of it through being able to view the live deals and cards as the game goes on at the Offline Casino somewhere far away.


It is aptly said that ’Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible in to the visible;. Hence, we decided to define our goal in business numbers right at the outset.

To achieve 1% market share by value in 5 years f rom inception across the identified Industries (Online and Offline Casinos, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports)

To drive LIGER as the currency of choice for the identified Industries. LIGER will use the Blockchain Technology to create adequate content and utility through the LIGER crypto currency.

To provide superior speed of transactions to both the User and Service Provider with an assurance of complete safety and transparency. To provide all the stakeholders a hassle free and real time settlements.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY To bring the TRUST back between the Gamer and the Casino!


Inception of any great idea, technology or business is at a high risk of failure if not packaged and marketed strategically. The world in general still considers cryptocurrencies taking toddler steps, hence awareness is the only way out for everyone out there at any corner of this planet to understand, adapt and benefit from this phenomenal invention in the economic foray of global economy.

Social Media Marketing
We at LIGER are determined to leave no stone unturned in exploring every possible medium to promote our platform rightfully so leveraging our expertise and partnerships with the best of best from the advertisement industry. Social media being the most crucial and valued medium in relevant times, we aim to fetch content based services for Google Ad World, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several "A” listed market places across the internet.

Articles & Blogs
Professional writing and creation of well explanatory blogs and articles for media publications and social media in general and getting them the right value read is what we look forward to achieve. All media posts and articles to be published in large BTC news sites, Casino magazines and ATL promotion on TV (for Fantasy Sports website only)with translations in majority of international languages.

Video Promotions
Visually aesthetic and product relevant video content to be released on recurring basis to grab maximum number of eyeballs and turn them to potential customers.

Merchant tie - ups
Great merchant tie – ups acquired through our team of expert Acquisition Specialists will be backed by aggressive marketing content. The campaign will be aimed at driving the traffic to the LIGER website and subsequently to the tied - up Service Providers' websites / physical locations. The promotional campaign will be directed towards the users of such services.

Why need LIGER

The era of cryptocurrency opens new possibilities in the gaming markets. LIGER offers you independence from any country’s economy, yet a high level of control that can be provided by blockchain technologies. Here’s why LIGER is the way to go:

Faster Transactions At Negligible Cost
Settlement with merchants through LIGER is immediate with no additional processing fees attached to it. Furthermore, LIGER wallets will be integrated with the POS installed at offline casinos.

Taking Safety To Next Level
Each transaction made, is encrypted and added into a ledger on a Blockchain. This eliminates chances of any kind deletion or tampering, thus achieving utmost safety protocols.

Improved Credit Ratings
With the anonymity that LIGER offers for the usage of their Tokens at Casinos, unlike in the case of Credit/Debit cards, a Gamer will be insulated from any kind of detrimental credit ratings by Financial Institutions.

New-Age Technology
Implementing safe and tamper-proof Ethereum Blockchain, LIGER is aimed at trader acceptance across Online and Offline Casinos, Live Gaming and Fantasy Sports Portals.

Trusted Platforms
Using Smart Contracts to execute pay-outs results in transparent and conflict-free transactions.

LIGER is best suited for the demands of Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports. Sans intermediaries, connects the traders with users directly and brings in more business. Here’s why LIGER should be your choice for trade

Swift And Safe Settlements
Speedy settlements between users and traders as opposed to conventional processes, makes turnaround time virtually non-existent. Over time, LIGER aims to integrate payment services 24x7x365 days.

Ease Of Reach
As a trader, you can share unique offers to LIGER users. In return, users can act as promoters of your online and offline offerings.

Captive Customer Base & Better Volume
Large number of Gamers in the LIGER Community, free of geographical restrictions, ensures repeated visits at the same merchant location. Reduced monitoring also leads to higher spends by users at the casinos.

More Infomation


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