Alfa Enzo Foundation a distributed Smart market environment

Alfa-Enzo is the world's initially Distributed Operating System that looks to bring the intensity of Distributed Ledger Technology and cryptographic money towards mass appropriation. Once on the web, the stage empower and give the foundation to a movement based economy where everybody can turn into a shared information shipper.


Alfa Enzo Foundation is a unique smart market ecosystem which will fulfill the requirements of the users. To provide a global huge local social network, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to combine the high speed POA with the social network. The consumers can get tokens depending upon the time spend on the platform. The team strives to launch global Distributed Operated System which will operate on peer to peer topology. This platform seeks to create an advance economy worldwide, where users and companies can do trading and transactions freely and safely.

What is the gap and problem which Alfa Enzo wants to solve?

+ Non effective use: The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, but still many people are unable to get benefits from the decentralized world. The previous DLT apps and digital currencies failed to prove effective in daily utilization.

+ Slow system: The recent blockchain based platforms are complex and slow. The users face lots of issues for the transaction of micro payments. Inspite of having an experienced team and latest technology, these networks cannot compete with MasterCard or Visa.

+ Complex and insecure: Although, users can get several benefits with the use of digital currency but the complex nature of the platform makes the collection, understanding and utilization of cryptocurrency hard.

How Alfa Enzo Foundation will fill the gaps?

Alfa Enzo Foundation is on its way to develop a distributed commerce environment with mass market digital currency. The mobile usage is increasing day by day and social network is connecting users, so by using a distributed DLT, Alfa Enzo can interconnect the peers.

Without effecting the trust and security of the users, this platform is allowing the users to control the privacy of UGC (User generated Content) on the digital network. An inbuilt economy will be generated with the contribution of consumer information and time, which will increase the value of the Enzo token and Alfa Enzo Foundation platform.

Just to solve the previous problems Alfa Enzo Foundation is taking help from the HCI, distributed information model, encryption and advance system designs to develop the best features for the regular users i.e. EON, multi-blockchain ecosystem etc.

The expert team is going to combine the advance wallet, exchange, user recognition service and hardware for the use of cryptocurrency in a natural way.

What are the main features of this platform?

Push: The self advertising ecosystem will help in the advertisement activity to reach the target people in short duration with lower. The willing users can get benefits from the paid announcements and advertisements which are delivered by the publishers and advertisers. The publishers can develop the Alfa ads by using the video editing tools on the platform.

Valet: Alfa Enzo foundation is going to make digital currency management easy and simple with the help of Valet. For the transaction and holding of the NZO tokens, valet is a best payment gateway and light wallet which will be required in each Dapp on EON platform.

Alfa: To allow the members of the platform to analyze and control their identity, smart contracts and interests, Alfa Enzo Foundation is going to offer an essential protocol named Alfa. The one app experience will provide several app characteristics at one place. The members can communicate freely with additional layers of natural encrypted chats.

Distributed source: gNZO are supplied to the regular users around the world without any restriction. The high level of mesh network along with decentralized world, helps to issue the token with resistant of centralized management and monopoly.

Which utility token is used on this platform?

Token name: NZO

The EON network is operating on the digital currency named Enzo (NZO) which is maintaining the value of this platform. Initially 21 billion NZO tokens will be released in the market. The Enzo basic value will be derived from the time and activity of the users.

Where the users can use the Enzo tokens?

The merchants can get payments for their physical or digital products with Enzo tokens, whereas the users can use it to pay for the decentralized data storage, services integrated with Dapp, to get time registration and to manage the advertising service with Push. The rewards and commissions will also be paid in NZO token.

Token details:
Token price: 1 NZO = $0.01
Soft cap: 25,000,000
Hard cap: 100,000,000
Standard of token: ERC 20
Acceptable payment: ETH

Token allocation:
Public offer: 60%
Team: 10%
Foundation: 25%
Reserve: 5%


The Alfa Enzo team comprises Crypto enthusiasts, blockchain experts, engineers and marketing strategists like CEO & Chief Architect Tony Tran, COO Quyen Phan, and Vice Presidents Andy Truong(Global Markets), James Dron(Ads Product), Lam Hoang(Growth).

Advisors include experienced and renowned individuals like Principal Partners Ridgley Kuang (Angel Investor), Angie Trinh( Crypto Trader), Manh Duong (Blockchain Evangelist), Eddie Hong ( Angel Investor) and Analytics Advisor Afia Zaheer.

EON has also partnered with famous social media celebrities or influencers like DJ @catchtwentyfour and Miss Pakistan @shanzayhayat, etc.

Partners include Protocol Labs, AWS Activate, Wikipedia, Facebook, AWS Blockchain Templates, AWS Lambda and Unsplash.

Link to Alfa Enzo Foundation:

Official Website:
ANN/Bounty Thread:

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The Carry Team is launching Carry Protocol to successfully realize the three objectives defined

Online and mobile commerce markets have grown rapidly in the recent years, but overall commerce remains dominated by the $25 trillion offline market1. According to a study by AT Kearney, 90% of all retail spending by American consumers took place in offline stores, illustrating that people still spend most of their money in real brick-and-mortar stores.

Unsurprisingly, major online giants are making significant investments into offline businesses. Amazon’s $14 billion acquisition of Whole Foods reflects the strategic importance of linking online with offline. This is not just an American phenomenon, with Asian companies like Alibaba and Tencent also moving into offline with multibillion dollar purchases of shopping centers and hypermarkets.

‼ What is the problem here?

Every business has a data silo problem: Identify consumer data is more difficult in the offline market because consumer data is split between different players and cannot be consolidated. It will be difficult to see a completely comprehensive set of data tracking offline purchasing behavior.

Marketing is inefficient and lacks transparency: Marketing campaigns are usually conducted on channels with a large number of consumers, allowing them to charge a massive fee based. But there is no way of truly knowing how many people were exposed to the ad or how effective it was. Advertisers have no choice but to trust the results provided by the channel. Offline marketing usually uses the form of flyers on the streets. This form of advertising lacks efficiency and has a major disadvantage of being untrackable.

Consumers have no control of data and Coupon and point management is a hassle.

What is Carry Team’s Mission

The Carry Team aspires to innovate the offline commerce market by using blockchain technology to solve the aforementioned issues. Based on its experience conducting business in the offline market and securing 10,000 partner merchants with 15 million consumers, the team wishes to resolve the inefficiencies of the offline domain through the following:

+ Provide a platform for merchants to understand their customers and communicate with them
+ Enable consumers to control their own payment data and monetize the information
+ Offer a new advertising channel that is effective and transparent

The Carry Team is launching Carry Protocol to successfully realize the three objectives defined above. The team will spare no time to build the Carry Protocol and begin spreading it to the existing merchant and customer base. The team will then build the Carry ecosystem where it can prosper together with its contributing participants.

Carry Protocol

Carry is a platform that connects merchants and consumers using blockchain. Merchants and consumers are the most important participants of the system and use Carry Protocol to communicate and interact in various ways. Another participant in the Carry Protocol is advertisers, many of whom are expected initially to be merchants in the system.

Carry Protocol comprises of two major parts, each with two components :

1) Carry transaction database: Carry transaction database refers to the virtual database on the blockchain where the transaction data is generated and uploaded by consumers.
2) Carry smart contracts, and second is a set of APIs that connect the blockchain to third party software: Carry smart contract supports the issuance and use of tokens (CRE and BT) on the Carry Protocol.
3) Carry wallet API: Carry wallet API enables wallet apps to support Carry Protocol and lets consumers manage their cryptocurrency, control their transaction data & privacy settings.
4) Carry device API: Carry device API is an API that allows devices at the stores to support Carry Protocol, and provides the function to pay with cryptocurrency and sends payment data to consumer’s wallet. Each of the above will be explained in further detail.

Smart contract

The numerous features of Carry Protocol can be accessed through Smart Contract. BT is the most basic and important function of Carry Protocol, and merchants can issue BT of various types through Smart Contract. Carry will continue to add more features, including store reviews, through Smart Contract.

The entities using Smart Contract must:
1) stake a certain amount of CRE on Carry Protocol or
2) pay-as-you-go (in CRE) for each use of Smart Contract. Staking a fixed amount of CRE allows a specified usage level for Smart Contract. If the daily usage exceeds the set level, the user must pay a fee for each use in CRE. This is because executing Smart Contract requires Carry Protocol’s resources, which incurs cost. This also protects the system from attacks against the blockchain.

The per-use fee for Smart Contract can be set at a higher price point than the opportunity cost for CRE stake, encouraging merchants and advertisers to stake more CRE. If a merchant wishes to conduct more transactions than provided by their CRE stake, they can also offer perks and benefits to other participants such as their customers and have them deposit CRE on their behalf.

The CRE Token

CRE is the main token of Carry Protocol. Its various uses can be summarized as follows:
1) Stake to execute Smart Contract: A fixed amount of CRE stake or a per-use fee is required to use Smart Contract to access various features of Carry Protocol.
2) Reward in exchange for advertisement: CRE must be provided to consumer, advertising service provider, or wallet (app) service provider as a reward to conduct ads on Carry Protocol using its transaction data.
3) Means of payment: CRE is in itself a means of payment and an asset that can be traded at exchanges, and thus can be used at stores like any other cryptocurrency.

Value Proposition

The consumers purchasing goods or services at the stores will take away the following benefits as a key participant in Carry Protocol:

First, customers will be rewarded BT for buying from merchants that support Carry Protocol. After the usual transaction is complete, customers will receive loyalty points or coupons in the form of a BT that they can use on their next visit.

Second, consumers will be rewarded CRE for uploading transaction data. After the purchase, they can selectively share their transaction data on Carry Protocol and receive a reward from Carry Protocol for sharing this information.

Third, consumers will be rewarded CRE for accepting advertisements. Carry Protocol eliminates the middle players like the existing marketing channels, so these fees go directly to the consumers.

Fourth, consumers can manage the points and coupons for various stores in one app. Small and medium businesses usually issue points and coupons in different ways, making it difficult for customers to manage them together. The Carry Wallet app will enable everyday consumers to use one app for simple management of points and coupons.

Merchants are defined as businesses that provide goods or services to consumers in exchange for cryptocurrency or fiat. As a key participant in Carry Protocol, merchants will take away the following benefits:

+ The benefits mentioned in the previous section will encourage consumers to opt for merchants that support Carry Protocol. Therefore, merchants will be able to attract more customers by supporting Carry Protocol, which will lead to more sales.

+ Carry Protocol will make it easier for merchants to manage their customers. The interface provided by Carry Protocol will be easy to use, despite the complexity of the protocol or blockchain technology behind it. Merchants can use the interface to learn more about their customers and use BT for various forms of interaction with their customers. For instance, merchants can use BT to conduct a customer satisfaction survey, or offer a special BT (coupon) to first-time customers to encourage return.

Advertisers are participants who wish to advertise to consumers on Carry Protocol, and can take away the following benefits:

+ Advertisers can put out an ad very efficiently in the offline market. Unlike passing out flyers, Carry Protocol will allow advertisers to track the effectiveness of the ad, which will enable them to narrow down specific targets of their ads over time.

+ Advertisers can release the ad on Carry Protocol via easy-to-use interface so that they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Spoqa: Flagship Partner Company

Spoqa South Korea’s largest brick-and-mortar rewards platform. 7 Years of experience, 10.000 Partner stores, 15 Million Customers, $1 Billion In transactions.

The Carry Protocol is operated by the co-founders of Spoqa, South Korea’s largest brick-and-mortar rewards platform. Spoqa already has customer-facing tablets installed in 10,000 stores across Korea, for use with their Dodo Point loyalty service.

The Carry Service will be launched on these tablets with an effortless update that won’t take merchants more than a few minutes to complete. We are literally set to roll out overnight. Offline crypto couldn’t be made any easier.

Carry expert team

The Carry team is specialized in open-source development and offline execution.

Grant Sohn - co-CEO
Stanford Economics, McKinsey & Co, Rocket Internet, Spoqa cofounder, 10+ years of relevant experience.

Richard Choi - co-CEO
Johns Hopkins Engineering, Cornell Masters, SK Chemical, original founder of Spoqa with 7+ years of relevant experience.

Swen Mun - Lead Developer
CTO of Spoqa, full-stack programmer, experience in database protection and encryption.

Hong Minhee - Developer
Developer of Spoqa, keynote speaker of PyCon.KR 2017, created interface description language and compiler for high-level backend developers, internationalization libraries, and APIs.

Jungwon Yu - Head of Business Development
GS Shop CoE(Center of Excellence), Founder of Ensight Media, Inc., Yahoo!Korea, Naver, Daum, CyWorld, Samsung SDS, Yonsei Univ.

Yujeong Nam - UX Designer
Product owner of Spoqa, Seoul National Univ. User Experience Lab, 5+ years of UX design, user research, problem-solving, data analysis and information architect experience.

Heeyeun Jeong - Product designer
Product designer of Spoqa, host of Behance portfolio reviews Seoul 2017, top CSS GitHub developer in Korea, experience in user interface design, front-end web development and growth hacking.

Jisun Park - Product designer
Product designer of Spoqa, 5+ years of digital interface experience, experienced in front-end web development, contents-oriented growth hacking.

Young Kang - Product designer
Product designer of Spoqa, shipped OFL typeface Spoqa Han Sans, 5+ years experience in digital interface, web typography design, growth hacking, and front-end development.

Minjune Kim - Developer
Full-stack Developer of Spoqa, Seoul National Univ. Computer Science (College of Liberal Studies).


  • Ticker: CRE
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 CRE = 0.0079 USD (0.00001538 ETH)
  • Fundraising Goal: 24,700,000 USD (48,000 ETH)
  • Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 40%
  • Whitelist: YES (14 JUN – 21 JUN, JOIN )
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): YES (14 JUN – 21 JUN, PASS )
  • Accepts: ETH

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PAYERA The first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure Multifunctional solution

Payera appeared as a tool for circumventing intermediaries by creating a new crypto currency that is not connected with financial institutions, and avoids unnecessary costs of exchanging. The Payera platform can disrupt many of these intermediaries and act as a layer similar to a central bank that overcomes severe headaches for lack of any obligations.

Payera is a huge investment platform, open to investors all over the world, this platform is designed for fans of global crypto-currency and gives them the opportunity to participate in project development (ICO).

Payera relies on the capabilities of the best and most famous online business company in Asia as a whole, but is much less demanding in management.

The vision of this team is to become the number one cryptographic company in the world with the largest number of customers around the world, where the investor / owner of cryptography can easily make purchases on the Internet. We also want to complete the main cryptological stages all over the world and inclusive.

Buyers will certainly face a criminal, as Payera offers full customer insurance for all transactions made through the Payera Platform . This guarantee combines any basic and additional regular benefits. You also have the opportunity to exchange nothing from your pocket in your wallet

Payera  offers a small transaction fee to  traders  around the world: "  Merchants  also have the opportunity to exchange their wallets inside without removing anything. Merchants  receive an ideal forgotten answer, built on cryptography, and create a legitimate amount of transactions. Payera offers a full guarantee of instability in the crypto market, offering discretionary payments to Fiat or required for crypto currency as a method of payment.

PAYERA Project Ecosystem

PAYERA: The first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure Multifunctional solution

For Buyer:
BUYERS are protected against criminals, as we offer a full consumer protection for all transactions done through PAYERA. This protection includes all conventional goods as well as services. You also have the possibility to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

For Seller:
SELLERS obtain the perfect solution to get established in the crypto scene and to increase their proper sales volume. We offer a full protection against volatility on the crypto market by offering an optional payment in Fiat or the requested coin. PAYERA also has lower fees and a shorter holding period compared to other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

For Supporters:
For Supporters the PERA will take on an important role in the future concerning the crypto payments, PERA is not going to be a speculative coin.
Our supporters finance a real business model that will be far from pseudo-speculations. We are confident, that our token will be established also on other platforms.

SHOPERA: Allows merchants and private sellers to offer their services and goods in the crypto market securely.

Our concept also offers an online-shop which allows merchants as well as the private individuals to offer their goods and sevices without any risk on the crypto market.

+ Do it easy instead of complicated. We have analysed the most common online-shops on the market and decided to create SHOPERA to make it as easy as possible for the users: registration – log-in –taking pictures of the goods – set the price – a brief description - and your advertisement will be online. Merchants as well as private individuals now have the opportunity to shop with crypto currencies. Through a location setup (optional) you can locate which article is for sale in your close environment, the distance can be chosen freely.

+ Each online-shop charges a basic fee per article being sold. After having analysed the most common markets together with our consultants we decided to charge a basic fee between $ 0.05 USD and $ 0.50 USD depending on the value of the goods using the shop.

We decided that private users can sell their goods free of charge through SHOPERA. In order to be fair towards the dealer, a private seller can advertise and sell max. 10 articles per month free of charge. By paying an extra fee, a private seller is also allowed to sell more articles. Please note that only purchases and sales are protected through PAYERA. By picking up the goods by yourself at the sellers’ destination unfortunately there will be no buyer’s protection.

CARDERA: With our concept a paying card should not be missing. We now have presented you two online solutions which offer a shopping paradise for crypto users

With CARDERA, the crypto-payment-card for everyday use, we want to offer our customers being flexible even offline. You will get paid out your coins towards Fiat currency at ATMs or easily purchase your goods. For the future it is planned to introduce a partial or full salary deposit.


Ticker: PERA
Standard token: ERC20
Total delivery: 2 100 000 000
Soft cover: $ 8 million
Hard Cap: $ 60 million
Date before ICO: 05/30 / 2018-06 / 15/2018
Prices ICO: $ 0.035 USD
Date ICO: 06/20 / 2018-07 / 18/2018
ICO Price: $ 0.05 USD
ICO Bonus: 25% of the Help
Payment received: ETC, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH


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Meet LocalCoinSwap Unique Team

LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized market that’ll allow sellers and buyers to directly trade using any cryptocurrency; the trade will be done using different payment methods. With this ecosystem, it’ll be simpler and easier to offer a safe, fast, uncomplicated P2P trading platform. This platform will let its users freely exchange cryptocurrencies without worrying about needless waiting times or verification requirements.

The most integral part of any exchange is its escrow system. The development team at LocalCoinSwap knows that very well as it’ll be using a highly secure escrow system, which will tackle all the inherent trust issues common in online P2P trading. Plus, this ecosystem is planning to support all the different choices of cryptocurrencies. After considering all these aspects, this ecosystem will prove to be the catalyst for expanding the existing cryptocurrency market. The platform has all the right processes, algorithms, and technologies  that’ll eliminate the barriers preventing new traders to enter the crypto trading market.

LocalCoinSwap Unique Team

Nathan Worsley 
Chief Technical Officer - Bachelor of Economics (Major in Econometrics)

Early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Developer of a series of successful trading algorithms based on Triangular Arbitrage between cryptocurrencies. Original founder of company as a cryptocurrency investment fund based in Hong Kong: Digital Assets Management Ltd. Experienced high volume P2P trader on Development experience includes C/C++, Python, R, Matlab, PostgreSQL, Git, Bash & Linux.

Thomas Underwood 
 Chief Financial Officer - Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Accounting and Finance)

Experienced financial analyst and business development manager, with roles at major Australian and international private companies. Professional skills are well rounded, within all accounting and financial roles, with proven abilities to create solutions for start-ups and cryptocurrency-related companies. Professional development includes passing CFA level 1. Australian Regional Manager for

Daniel Worsley 
Chief Operating Officer - Bachelor of Economics (Major in Quantitative Methods)

Experienced in business strategy, operations and quantitative analysis. Successful stock and commodities trader in several financial markets over the last 8 years. Advisor to a Hong Kong based investment firm. Passionate about decentralization and blockchain technologies.

Aapeli Vuorinen 
 Lead Security Engineer - Bachelor of Mathematics (Major in Pure Maths)

Data analyst, white-hat hacker and full-stack developer. Over 10 years of experience in software development and systems administration. Experienced with a wide variety of technologies including Python, Java, C++, Javascript, Pandas, HTML5/CSS/Javascript, Go, Matlab, Git, Linux, and SQL. Exceptionally talented at understanding and utilizing network and software protocols.

Taylor Scheel 
Blockchain Developer - Bachelor of Science

Originally a clinical molecular genetic scientist working in a laboratory before a passion for the Blockchain and disruptive technologies led to him becoming a digital nomad and full-time solidity developer. Experienced in Solidity, Javascript, Matlab, Git & Linux.

Valéri Natanelov 
 Chief Marketing Officer - PhD, Commodity Futures Markets

Entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of growAbric (knowledge brokering and design thinking company). Lifelong blockchain enthusiast. Extensive international business experience with a strong passion for design thinking and analytical problem-solving. Has lived on every (habitable) continent. Fluent in four languages.

Maya Middlemiss 
PR Representative and Content Writer

Experienced freelance writer and journalist, with a background in consumer research, social media user testing and business consultancy. Obsessed with the social impact of blockchain, and the way it’s going to change the world - if we do it the right way

Ravi Ojha 
Product Lead Developer

A product person, cares intensely about user experience and believes in data-driven decisions. Software Engineer by passion. Delves into graphic designs on lazy weekends, or writes blog posts about software engineering and life experiences. Retired competitive programmer.

Jadav Bheda 
Backend Developer

Experienced Software Developer with over 12 years in the industry. Experienced with Python, Django, C, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, Java, HTML5/CSS/Javascript, Git, Celery, RabbitMQ, AWS, Perl Script, Linux, and SQL. Has witnessed multiple software development cycles, seeing small teams grow much larger as the product develops. Enjoys mentorship and sharing his experience with others.

ICO voite

LocalCoinswap ICO

  • Token code: LCS
  • Price per LCS: 0.4 US Dollar (USD) (1 USD = 2.5 LCS)
  • LCS maximum total supply: 100,000,000
  • Available through PRE-ICO/PRESALE/ICO: 70,000,000
  • Token burn: All unsold
  • Token freeze: All developer tokens for 1 year
  • Payment currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) & more
  • Soft cap: 500,000 US Dollar (USD)
  • Absolute hard cap: 20,000,000 US Dollar (USD) (remaining tokens destroyed)
  • Bonus structure: Community based
  • Transparency: Open source (public  GitHub)
Allocation of shares:
Use of funds raised from Cryptoshare issuance

Crowdsale Bonus Structure

The presale period will run with a bonus allocation of 40%. The presale will be closed immediately if 10,000,000 Cryptoshares are distributed. During the crowdsale period funding milestones have been set at each $5,000,000 increment.As each increment is reached all existing purchasers of the crowdsale event receive an additional 5% airdrop of Cryptoshares to be distributed once the crowdsale closes. These airdrops are also distributed to presale purchasers, but not to Cryptoshares held by the development team, security/bounty fund & new venture fund.
  • $ 5M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 10M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 15M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 20M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares. Residual tokens are then destroyed to increase total value to all investors.

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UbcoinMarket The easiest way to become a crypto investor

The Ubcoin is a first of its kind crypto-goods person to-person exchange that is using marketplace platform so that anyone can safely and instantly sell any good’s and become cryptocurrency holder or buy any good’s and forget about getting fiat money first.


Many people want a simple and safe way to obtain a stake in cryptocurrency, but do not know how. They are not miners, not speculators, just individuals who see added value in investing in cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency owners is projected to increase from a current 22 million to over 200 million by 2020.

Yet these same people are very comfortable with buying and selling on Ebay, Amazon,
WeChat, Etsy, Taobao and the like. In 2016, marketplaces accounted for 44% of the world’s $2.44 trillion spent online in 2016.

Cryptocurrency wallets are primarily concentrated on mobile devices, with over 65% of wallets being mobile. Global smartphone penetration is projected to reach 37% by 2020.

Global population of digital buyers will surpass 2 billion people by 2020.

These four pivotal forces combine in the global mobile marketplace where people can:
+ Easily become owners of cryptocurrency by selling goods
+ Easily spend their cryptocurrency wealth by purchasing real world goods

The global Ubcoin Marketplace, powered by Ethereum blockchain and the exchange- traded UBC cryptocurrency, enables these endeavors with peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying and selling goods:
+ Sellers are interested to receive cryptocurrency for their wares. Utility of settlement
+ Investment vehicle = mass adoption of digital currency;
+ Buyers are realizing the cryptocurrency investment gains and purchasing power, yet are spared the pain and risks of switching between crypto and fiat currency;
+ Smart contracts ensure that transactions are seamless, secure, enforceable,
transparent and decentralized.

The smart contract technology allows the Ubcoin Marketplace, to ensure safety, executability, intractability and verifiability of a transaction, successfully facilitating peer- to-peer transactions.

As regulation concerning acceptance of digital currencies in a B2C arena evolves, the marketplace will add business sellers and buyers to its roster. The smart contracts will obliviate many existing intermediaries, the leeches of value chains. The delivery economy facilitates explosive growth in the form of direct manufacturer-to-consumer transactions, allowing for much more attractive pricing for both buyer and seller. Make-to- order manufacturing becomes a much more relevant business model.

Some transactions may, in the future, require additional KYC/AML procedures for execution of smart contracts for certain types of deals, involving third-party providers (i.e. delivery companies, couriers, notaries). The Ubcoin platform envisions seamless engagement of these parties.

We pay special attention to ensuring the legitimacy of goods and services sold on the Ubcoin marketplace. We are developing an advanced AI technology to help pre-screen seller postings for any potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.


The team behind the platform has tons of experience and has been working together for almost a decade, since 2009 to be exact. As of now, there are more than fifty people working on the platform. With a of them being developers, cryptographers and technical wizards. The top management in the company is a rich mix of individuals, each of whom have experience in a multitude of different industries.

Along with the team working on the platform, there are several advisors who are backing the company and ensuring it moves forward, hitting the smallest amount of speed bumps as possible. The team is courageously moving the project ahead while focusing on turning the newer technology into a widely adoptable, tuned experience that uses the most advanced technology available, so it can be used by the most amount of people possible and give them the ultimate experience.

Felix Khachatryan is the CEO and founder of Ubcoin and experience in several different sectors of the tech industry. He’s only one of the many when it comes to team behind the scenes.

As far as the team specs go and their bios, they’re very thorough and have links to several different social media profiles. Each of them looks legit, although I haven’t actually verified them myself. Not only that, but there is a highly-detailed roadmap on where the company is headed. It’s far too massive to include all of the roadmap details on this review, but you can see it for yourself at the company website.

Details the Team of UBCOIN

Felix Khachatryan
Founder and CEO of Ubcoin

Experienced entrepreneur with an excellent track record operating within the financial services industry. Skilled in Mobile Applications, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Payments. CEO and founder of Ubank - one of the leading mobile wallets on the Russian market. Felix raised $8 million in 2013 from Runa Capital, which is a leading Russian venture investment fund.

Mazhar Jan
Founder and investor of Ubcoin

Director of Product Development and VAS at FLY Mobile (one of the TOP 5 smartphones brands in Russia). A highly-experienced Operations Executive in telecommunications with strong technical a business qualifications with an impressive track record of 22 years hands-on experience in sales, strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies. Responsible for sales growth of wireless pr terminals-mobile phones from ground up resulting in over $300 million in revenue – 2014, developed and launched over 200 mobile phones including over 100 smartphones and 15 tablets in last 5 years for Russian and CIS markets working with over 20 different ODMs in China and Korea.

Andrew Lee
Founder and investor of Ubcoin
Commercial Director of Union Services. He has 20+ years experience in global markets and mobile industry. With his stro international network with Samsung, Andrew Lee has been advisi several international teams to streamline their processes.

Stan Danysh
COO of Ubcoin
Now managing partner in Ubank, Stan was the deputy chairman, CO and Head of Digital at MDM Bank - one of the leading private banks Russia. MDM’s online banking program brought it recognition as “20 6 Best Mobile Banking App in Eastern and Central Europe” according the Global Finance magazine. Stan has 10+ years of experience as CO including successful fundraising in the international markets of over $400 million and sales of business to a major global investor, Siemens AG

Alex Putilin
CTO and chief blockchain developer of Ubcoin
Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience in commercial development. Currently, he focuses on data driven applications and smart contract development. He is a full stack software developer capable of handling the whole life-cycle of the development process.

Marina Lerner
CMO of Ubcoin
Head of Marketing at Ubank from 2013, more recently head of brand management team in the HeadHunter Group (#8 of the TOP 20 most valuable Russian Internet companies according to Forbes 2018).

Kirill Kosolapov
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
High-tech developer and researcher focused on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. More than 7 years of Tech experience: project management, team leadership, business development, tech startups.

Ubcoin Marketplace Product

Cryptocurrency mass adoption. We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle, thereby enlarging benefits for all parties to everyday buy-and-sell interactions.

Peer-to-peer interaction: Cut out as many intermediaries from the value chain, as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties. The Ubcoin Marketplace does not own any goods for sale, it is not biased in its search results, and protects fairness of smart contracts.

Legal marketplace: We pay special attention to ensuring the legitimacy of goods and services sold on the Ubcoin marketplace. We are developing an advanced AI technology to help pre-screen seller postings for any potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care. Seller profile transparency and verification will be strongly encouraged and promoted.

Decentralization of transactions and settlements: Blockchain allows for decentralized initiation, settlement and fulfillment of transactions. Payments are immediate upon performance under carefully crafted smart contracts.

Impeccable interface: Our interface design brings a harmonious and seamless experience of buying and selling goods globally. We will strive to open our API to the community in order to develop the best adaptation of the platforms for specific local needs of the global community.

Open community: Some transactions may, in the future, require additional KYC/AML procedures for execution of smart contracts for certain types of deals involving third-party providers (i.e. delivery companies, couriers, notaries).
Ubcoin platform envisions seamless engagement of these parties

Token Details

Token Supply Distribution

Limited Private Pre-Sale
The limited private token pre-sale is exclusive to contributors wanting to contribute 5 ETH or more. To be a part of the private sale you must email with your full name, contribution amount in ETH and your email address. We will respond with a few simple auditing questions. Once verified, we will then add your address to the whitelist within the smart contract so that your contribution is accepted.

The private pre-sale has an exclusive token sale rate. Allocation is done on a firstcome-first-served basis for a total maximum lot of 32 500 000 tokens.

Public Token Sale Details

Start: 2/04/2018 00:00:01 GMT
End: 14/07/2018 23:59:59 GMT or earlier upon reaching stage Hard Cap
Hard Cap: 26 100 ETH
Min transaction: 0.001 ETH
Token pice: for stage
Distribution: Smart contact is used ETH

Stage 1: 
Start: 02/04/2018
Ends: 21/04/2018
Pice: 1 ETH = 11 200 UBC
Sale: 29%

Stage 2: 
Start: 22/04/2018
Ends: 11/05/2018
Pice: 1 ETH = 10 000 UBC
Sale: 20%

Stage 3: 
Start: 12/05/2018
Ends: 31/05/2018
Pice: 1ETH = 6 600 UBC
Sale: 17%

Stage 4: 
Start: 1/06/2018
Ends: 20/06/2018
Pice: 1ETH = 9200 UBC
Sale: 13%

Stage 5: 
Start: 21/06/2018
Ends: 10/07/2018
Pice: 1 ETH = 8640 UBC
Sale: 7%

Stage 6: 
Start: 11/07/2018
Ends: 14/07/2018
Pice: 1 ETH = 8000 UBC
Sale: 0%

Long-Term Token Value

Native to ecosystem: We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle.
Fee discounts: Cut out as many intermediaries as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties.
Token buyback program: We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.
Reserve pool: Blockchain allows for decentralized initiation, settlement and fulfillment of transactions. Payments are immediate upon performance under smart contracts.
Anti-dumping measures: Our interface design brings harmony and seamless experience of buying and selling goods globally.
Token burn program: We strive to open our API to develop best adaptations of the platform for specific local needs. Also we envision engagement of third-party providers (i.e. delivery companies, notaries).


More Infomation


Author: Haudhv

Triggmine is the solution for email marketing and AI-based blockchain technology

Greetings Community Steemit, in this post I would like to introduce about Triggmine Project Email Marketing Expenditure Solutions, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Triggmine is the combination of an AIdriven solution for email marketing and AI-based blockchain technology, which is highlighted by its seamless integration, ease-of-use, experienced team, and loyal partners. The result is the unprecedented off-the-shelf solution to accelerate your business.


Issues Discouraging SMEs from Implementing Email Marketing. Large companies already using extensive email marketing automation solutions to increase efficiency and speed of operations, reduce the HR factor, and save resources. These come at sizable cost, however, often pricing small and middlesized enterprises out of such an approach. This can be explained by the following factors:

Complex Services. Most of the features offered by consolidated marketing software are not necessary for the early stages of business development. Small businesses use three marketing channels in their e-commerce efforts: email distribution, retargeting, and paid ads.

Crude tools. The simple tools available are primitive. They do not provide comprehensive solutions. They leave businesses unable to unlock their full potential.

Lack of time. Small business owners do not have enough of a time for a thorough study of email marketing principles, trigger campaign administration, and content development. The entrepreneur plays a multifunctional role and is forced to deal with many objectives at once: inventory management, logistics, customer acquisition, finance, etc.

High cost. The integration cost is substantial. SMEs are not able to spend a lot of money, especially in the early stages. In addition, they do not have the extra budget to hire a marketing specialist or an agency to integrate a fully-fledged marketing solution. Small and middle-sized businesses need automated solutions that simplify campaign management and increase their efficiency. An ideal solution would provide SMEs capability to launch campaigns that increase returns by pressing a single button, with no need to spend time on prolonged integration, tedious adjustments, and A / B testing manuals.


The Triggmine team has created a truly intelligent system that not only automates email delivery but also adjusts to the ever-changing business parameters and individual characteristics of each customer. This is possible due to the adoption of their technologies: AI and blockchain.

What is an intelligent system?

Consider a very simple example: you visit an online store, register, and add items to your shopping cart, then decide to leave the website without completing the purchase. Ten minutes later, you get an email offering you a discount if you return and complete the purchase. This email is the product of a "trigger system". Based on simple rules, a trigger system takes into account the simple actions «added to a cart» and «left the site», which together triggers an email message to follow up on the customer's abandoned shopping cart.

An intelligent system is designed for largely the same task, though the action it can consider andact upon are much more complex. Such a system relies on data describing nearly endless factors that influence a customer's buying behavior - such as individual-socio-demographic characteristics, interaction history, degree of sensitivity to discounts, and interests in relation to product categories. Similar to how the typical marketing professional has traditionally approached her job, the intelligent system takes the many is able to consider the nuanced aspects of each customer purchase context to craft the optimal individual offer that will be most relevant to each specific customer.

In essence, an intelligent system takes a compendium of consumer and product data, creates and conducts the campaign in real time, and identifies optimal characteristics for offers unique to each individual, reflecting such things as:

  • Structure of the promotion (BOGO?% Discount?);
  • Offer amount;
  • Sequence of email chain;
  • Subject line keywords;
  • Alternatives for email body creative;
  • Delivery timing; and so forth.

Now, rather than our example of a single buyer, imagine a simultaneous operation with thousands of buyers and the billions of simultaneous decisions required. Optimizing custom email offers across the entire customer set would be cognitive complex to a level well beyond the capacity of individual marketers, but could be made a quick work by an intelligent system.


No human intervention
Triggmine represents the next level of evolution in email marketing to smalland medium-sized retailers. Users no longer need to manually configure endless lists, segment databases, and prepare mailing lists - all of this is handled by Triggmine's intelligent system based on user data.

Self-learning application
All you need to do is connect your store to the Triggmine application. Once
integrated, the system analyzes your unique business, customers, and transaction history, to propose optimal campaign scenarios.

Personal touch
Depending on user behavior, the system will apply case measures to each user, analyzing the reasons for their behavior and their responses to the incentives. We call it the 'aggressiveness' of the campaign. This aggressiveness is applied to various stages of the life cycle and the characteristics of a particular customer.

Optimal business success delivered to each unique retailer
Triggmine helps each client maximize their customer touchpoints, from first
purchase to continuing loyalty. By helping SMEs optimize and execute their
campaigns, Triggmine has been able to achieve average sales lifts of greater than 30%.


There are three key components of the product


TRG will be created only in the process of the token sale. Therefore, the value of the TRG offer will be fixed only after the end of the token sale. Unsold tokens will be burned after the token sale and no additional tokens will ever be created. The initial distribution of TRG is as follows:

  • Pre Sale (6PM UTC 16th April - 30th April 2018)
  • Triggmine tokens distribution cap: 30 000 000 Triggmine tokens (3 000 ETH)
  • Cryptocurrency accepted: ETH
  • The token's price: 1000 TRG = 0.1 ETH
  • The minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH
  • Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
  • Public Sale (6PM UTC 11th June - 11th July 2018)
  • Triggmine tokens distribution cap: 150 000 000 Triggmine tokens (15 000 ETH)
  • Currency accepted: ETH, BTC
  • Amount of tokens per one person: limited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
  • Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 100 Triggmine tokens
  • Maximum transaction amount: limited
Everything collected from the sale of TRG will be used as follows:


For more information and join Triggmine social media please follow the following links:


Author: haudhv

Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform

Imagine that you are watching a film, on any screen, based on a true story and that you are interested in details about those true events. Imagine that you are watching a music video and you want to know where the artist is on tour and where to buy tickets for their concert. Imagine you want to quickly get to the recipe that chef is preparing on your favorite cooking show. If you are a person who believes that this information should be easy to access, you are thinking like Beyond Seen Screen.

Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your mobile device to your video content and get the information you want. It is that simple.

+ Entertainment and information: Effortless access to content related games, bloopers, interviews, VR/AR experience, etc. Enrich live content on second screen with scoreboards, replays, polls, etc.
+ Seamless shopping: Products and services from the video content are available for direct online shopping.
+ Unleash creativity: Receive token reward from platform for contributing high quality content for others to enjoy.
+ Permission marketing: Engage your viewers through permission marketing and personalization, increase your marketing effectiveness and generate new revenue streams.


Transactions that Beyond Seen Screen will record on the public blockchain are the transactions of when interaction occurs from the platform to the viewer. It is the inability to alter this data by using the public blockchain that Beyond Seen Screen will use to aid its business transparency. Content providers who utilize Beyond Seen Screen services will never need to question if the views delivered by the Beyond Seen Screen App actually happened. Blockchain will allow them to verify and trust this data themselves.


Beyond Seen Screen enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get in depth information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your smartphone to your video content and get the information you want.

Scan the video: Focus your smartphone to the video content and let the app scan it.

BSS recognizes the video: Beyond Seen Screen platform processes the digital footprint of the video and recognizes what video it is.

Get additional info: Information related to the recognized video are sent back and displayed in the app.


BSSX is a utility token of the BSS platform. Main use of the token is paying for platform use and rewarding contributions to the platform.

Name: BSSX
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 340.050.000 BSSX
Soft cap: 2.000 ETH
Hard cap: 18.000 ETH
Currency accepted: ETH
Minimum participation: 0.1 ETH
Crowdsale starts: Q2 2018
Crowdsale ends: Q2 2018


Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform that allows you to effortlessly get Elements related to the video content you are watching. You no longer have to manually search for that information. Buying products seen in the video becomes a simple process. You just start the BSS app on your mobile device and use it to scan the video you are watching. The BSS platform recognizes the video and provides you with the Elements you were looking for.

When watching movies, people enjoy the story, characters, visuals, effects, and music. Sometimes while watching they see an actor that is so familiar, but cannot recognize from where? That song, it is catchy tune but who is the composer? What is the title of that song? The story? Was it based on true events? Can we get more information about it? The lead actor’s watch? Where can it be found?

By using Beyond Seen Screen, a content creator or advertiser can provide Elements to answer all of these questions and even more to the end user. This can all be accessed by the Beyond Seen Screen app on their personal device.

Music fans love to get their hands on the new album from their favorite artists. When a new music video is premiered it gives the first glimpse of the new album and makes the fans thirsty for more.

When using the Beyond Seen Screen app, the fans can scan the music video and be automatically directed to buy the new album or buy tickets for the upcoming concert tour.

With Beyond Seen Screen you can access more information in the most intuitive way possible.

Production companies can provide Elements, such as links to different behind the scenes footage, as well as trailers for other new and exciting documentaries. All of these Elements can be made easily accessible through Beyond Seen Screen platform.

Sometimes when you see commercials, you see something you would like to have.

Typically, you need to manually surf the web to find where to buy the product or use an online retailer. With the Beyond Seen Screen app, that experience can now be a streamlined experience, allowing you to directly purchase the product through the app

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality
Content creators can prepare a Virtual or Augmented Reality experience and can use the Beyond Seen Screen app to direct you to that experience.

By scanning the video with Beyond Seen Screen app, you can get a link to a VR/AR app that augments the content you are watching and immerses you into another dimension of video watching experience. Imagine watching a documentary about extreme sports and being directed to a wingsuit Virtual Reality game to play. Imagine watching a futuristic movie and being directed to an Augmented Reality app that can show you an enhanced experience.